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    bruh this definitely got axed. man it was good too

    Megane, Tokidoki, Yankee-kun · 2021-12-04T16:39:19Z

    Mad Paradox

    Probably the author is friend with the author of God of Blackfield 😂
    What's up with Korean MC and Africa anyway🤣

    Chapter 19 - Ranker Who Lives A Second Time · 2021-12-04T16:39:07Z

    Pathetically strong

    Yea you should teach him how to properly treat your daughter

    Chapter 19 - The Time of the Terminally-ill Extra · 2021-12-04T16:36:23Z


    Its one of those rpgs where you have to let your team mate actually hit it for them to gain exp. Even when he held back he accidentally took 70% of its health in one hit. And thats not even with his best weapon or any of his buffs active.

    Chapter 82: Short-horned Demon - Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku · 2021-12-04T16:35:42Z


    Truer words have never been spoken

    I Want Your Mother to Be with Me! · 2021-12-04T16:34:49Z


    wow....this mc is frikkin bast*rd, shameless and honorless ( seriously taking food from a child, twice...ffs )

    and dare to say he's not the wrong one when the gods doesnt accept his ascension to saint.........just wow....hope he's changing for the better....

    Chapter 9 - Heavenly Martial God · 2021-12-04T16:33:55Z

    Akemi Rakoyou

    Listen here.
    I dont like clingy girls/Pick me girls/Pick me boys/Over possessive men/ ridiculously nice boys and girls. Im bisexual for a reason
    we dont like Love rivals except Han seo- jun from true beauty, Gyeong from extraordinary you and Soojin from true beauty. So you better be like those three(except Gyeong's yandere-ish ways)

    Chapter 53: Episode 53 - See You in My 19th Life · 2021-12-04T16:33:03Z


    Well ya obviously, Eastern mmo's are always disgusting cash grabs with zero respect for the players. It's just the asian way of thinking

    Chapter 1 - Shoukan sareta Kenja wa Isekai wo Yuku - Saikyou nano wa Fuyou Zaiko no Item deshita · 2021-12-04T16:32:54Z


    Man I’ve been reading ur comments for so long now and i just dont get how ur not following along properly loool

    Bleach - Chapter 581 : The Hero 2 - MangaKatana · 2021-12-04T16:31:23Z


    I saw your earlier comment about this! I read it all the way through and it was so good. But I still need to find more :(

    Chapter 15 - My Divorced Crybaby Neighbour · 2021-12-04T16:26:09Z