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    I thought getting stuck countless years at that sand world made him OP
    His training arc still not finished yet

    Chapter 143 - Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World · 2022-08-17T07:13:47Z


    Hey3, don't insult Naruto
    Only it endless fillers are shit
    U should insult Boruto

    Chapter 143 - Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World · 2022-08-17T07:11:27Z



    Chapter 55: S2 START - Villain to Kill · 2022-08-17T07:10:28Z


    In that situation I would also save the cat

    Chapter 102 - Chainsaw Man · 2022-08-17T07:07:32Z


    This is gonna hurt.
    In 4-5 chapters, I feel like most people we've met won't be around anymore.
    I don't think my heart is prepared for it...

    Chapter 13 - Growing Tired of the Lazy High Elf Life After 120 Years · 2022-08-17T07:02:37Z

    Toonami Tom✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    He said he would help the good one, how would he know which one was good and which was evil? Whats to say shes a criminal? These guys could simply be hunting her down because she likes killing babies.

    Chapter 25 - Return of the Bachelor · 2022-08-17T07:02:00Z


    bro just looking at that made me hungry

    Chapter 35 - Is this Hunter for Real? · 2022-08-17T07:01:05Z


    lmaoooooo nice ending, i definitley didnt expect them to have the same name lol

    Chapter 15 - Shounen Shoujo (AKATSUKI Akira) · 2022-08-17T07:00:47Z