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Mad Bull 34

Mad Bull 34 - Update chap 38

16 minutes ago
Daizaburo Edi-Ban, a Japanese-American, joins New York City's toughest precinct, the 34th. On his first day he is partnered up with John Estes, called Sleepy by his friends and Mad Bull by his enemies, a cop who stops crime with his own violent brand of justice. Mad Bull makes no qualms about executing common thieves with shotgun blasts if they even pose a minor threat to him or anyone around them. Mad Bull also often steals from prostitutes and does incredible amounts of property damage while fighting crime. Mad Bull's unpoliceman-like behavior often puts him in hot water with his partner Daizaburo and the 34th precinct. However, despite how reckless or illegal these acts are, a good cause is always revealed (For example, Sleepy uses the money he steals from the prostitutes to fund a venereal disease clinic and a home for battered and raped women). Perrine Valley, a police lieutenant, joins Daizaburo and Sleepy later on to help them tackle more difficult cases involving the mafia and drug-running.
Mad Bull 34 is inspired by the high-action buddy cop films of the 70's and 80's.
Perfect Half

Perfect Half - Update chap 87, 88

24 minutes ago
From Lezhin:
Once a world ruled by men, women stand up and fight to become men's equal. Now, in a land that is equally divided up between man and woman, the battle of the sexes is on! Who's going to win? But more importantly...what's the name of the game?
Shin Mazinger Zero

Shin Mazinger Zero - Update chap 34

18 hours ago
An alternative take on Mazinger Z, in the future, the world was destroyed by the demon know as Mazinger Z and the only human that is left on earth is Kouji Kabuto, he is given the chances to save humanity, by sending him back in time by a mysterious Minerva X, in this take the history is for adults, with nudity and blood that may be too much for some fans of the original version

Ingoshima - Update chap 23, 23.5

1 day ago
The Yoshinomiya Municipal High School 2nd year students embarked on what they'd hoped was an educational trip with their friends and away from family but it was not meant to be... Their ship was hit by unexpected rough seas and crashed on a strange island! The surviving students are trying to understand what happened but soon they realize they are not alone on this island and the locals don't appear to be very friendly to strangers!!!

Sense - Update chap 24

1 day ago
A new teacher enters an all-girls high school and as he tours around he sees a female student sleeping in a classroom. When she wakes up, however, she suddenly kisses him.
Black Lily and White Lily

Black Lily and White Lily - Update chap 18

1 day ago
A high class all girls school that grooms their students to become a proper lady with manners… or so it should’ve been. But somehow the public morals is a bit loose… the proud honour student, lily is giving the students [freedom] in the school?! A yuri comedy comic!
Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko - Update chap 32

1 day ago
Yoto Yokodera is a second year high-school pupil who's arguably the greatest pervert at college. His trouble is the fact that he's bad at revealing his feelings that are actual. One day, his equally perverted best friend totally transforms and removes his "impure thoughts"; an accomplishment he credits to the strength of the statue of the "Stony Cat". As the rumours indicate, by providing an offer to it and wishing on the statue, you can need to get rid of a character characteristic that one will not want to get anymore. Nevertheless, this present it to a person who does want it and may take away the unwanted characteristic.

A woman named Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi arrives to create her wish in order to be less reveal her emotions so readily as Y?to is creating his offer to the statue. Both of them want at school also to their surprise the following day upon the stony cat, Y?to is not able to inform a lie that is single, and Tsukiko is not able to reveal any hint of emotion whatsoever. They work collectively to try and discover out who has obtained their characteristic that has been taken away so that you can get it back after recognizing which they hate the change that occurred. They satisfy with Azusa Azuki, a stylish second year woman who has just transferred to their school. She's no friends and is always alone, although lads in college are constantly confessing to her. Y?to finds out that Azusa is the one that attempts to get it back and acquired his character characteristic that is undesirable. They develop feelings for every other as the two attempt to get back the undesirable characteristic.
The View Beyond

The View Beyond - 1 chapter(s)

1 day ago
Two nameless siblings: a sister with a heart condition which prohibits her from having sex, and a brother who only has sex with sleeping women. The brother has a new girlfriend, and the sister dreams of dying. What once was will determine what must be.
RaW Hero

RaW Hero - Update chap 14

1 day ago
The unemployed young person Chiaki are the eldest of three brothers.
With no parents, he started job hunting to support his two younger brothers.
One day, finally attained to the final interview, Chiaki witness the pervert, involuntarily he tries to help, without knowing that this behavior would change his destiny.
The Scum of Good and Evil

The Scum of Good and Evil - Update chap 31

2 days ago
The manga centers on Kamo and his partner Tora, who work in the underworld as "avengers for hire," taking on jobs from the victims of violent crimes and families seeking vengeance for wrongs done to them.
Moujuusei Shounen Shoujo

Moujuusei Shounen Shoujo - Update chap 14

2 days ago
High School student Usami Touru bumped into his classmate Ayabe Reri, one day while taking a stroll. Ayabe is like an idol in their School. She is a usually a quiet and honest beautiful teenage girl. But by chance that night, Touru caught a glimpse of her skipping on top of a rail. The next day, Touru was asked by Ayabe to keep what he saw a secret. How will the relationship of such an unlikely couple play out?
K-sensei no Yaban na Renai

K-sensei no Yaban na Renai - Update vol 1 chap 4.1 -> vol 5 chap 7

2 days ago
Popular erotica writer Kaji "K" sensei's glamorous appearance is only rivaled by the fantastic rumors surrounding him. Like how one of his best selling novels was based on a relationship with a high-school student... or how two of his model sex friends got into a cat-fight in the middle of a highway... or how he has threesomes during his nocturnal writing sessions! At least these are the things that go through editor Kobayakawa's head when he sees his celebrity charge, that and the one where K sensei sent three editors to the hospital?! Yet, while taking photos for a magazine interview and watching K sensei work with such professional focus Kobayakawa realizes that the outrageous rumors may be just that. That is until Kaji pushes him down on the sofa to "reward" him. Thus begins the hunt of the herbivore editor and his carnivore author.

In the K-Sensei series:

V.1 - K-sensei no Yajuu na Aijou
V.2 - K-sensei no Yaban na Renai
V.3 - K-Sensei no Furachi na Junai
V.4 - K-Sensei no Himitsu no Netsujou
V.5 -
Nukenai Seiken-chan

Nukenai Seiken-chan - 1 chapter(s)

2 days ago
Like, Excalibur, this Cecelia needs to be pulled out of something... a pedestal. For Seiken-chan, the pedestal is her panties.
Nana to Kaoru - Kokosei no SM gokko

Nana to Kaoru - Kokosei no SM gokko - Update chap 5

The story takes place in the third year of high school, after the ending of the manga, but before Black Label (aka Arashi).
Bousou Shojo

Bousou Shojo - Update chap 13

Makino Yayoi is a 16-year-old high-school girl. She made a promise with her mother that she wouldn't have sex until she turned 20 years old! However she believes that promise to be in danger! She mistakenly thinks that her classmate, Suzuki, is "gunning for her chastity!" Now she must use every supreme technique she can as she defends her virginity with her life.
Minamoto-kun Monogatari

Minamoto-kun Monogatari - Update chap 278

Minamoto-kun has a face pretty enough to make people think he's a girl. Because of his face, he was bullied by the girls in middle school who were jealous of his good looks. He developed a fear of women due to the trauma, and for that reason chose to attend a high school for boys. Just as he enters college and makes a promise to himself to overcome the trauma of his past, his father remarries and asks him to move out of the house. His father arranges for him to live with his aunt (Minamoto-kun's father's younger sister) for the time being. She is an extremely beautiful woman who is also a non-tenured professor at his college. When he arrives at her apartment, she shows him her breasts and tells him that he will be her "guinea pig" in her reverse Hikari Genji project.
Night Bound ◆ Aubade

Night Bound ◆ Aubade - Update chap 19

Haruomi and Yua grew up together but with puberty Haruomi begun to change, beginning taking pictures of girls annoying his childhood friend Yua! Haruomi though has a secret power awakening and their innocent relationship is about to change in many levels! A Harem × Bondage Love Comedy manga that everyone will love!
Paranoia Cage

Paranoia Cage - Update chap 20

About a female mangaka named Mizuki who along with her staff, contemplate the best methods to develop a good porn manga.
Hagure Idol Jigokuhen

Hagure Idol Jigokuhen - Update chap 10

This is the story of Misora Haebaru, an 18 year old karate expert from Okinawa who went to Tokyo to enter the entertainment industry in hopes of supporting her family. She gets tricked into being a gravure idol who wears lewd clothing and is forced eventually to enter the AV world, but she wont go down without a fight.
Musume no Iede

Musume no Iede - Update chap 28

The remarried mother. After their divorce, the father who lives with his "boyfriend".
Living surrounded by such family, highschooler Mayuko is now at the height of her adolescence. Beginning from Mayuko's "runaway", intersecting various life, these are the runway story which will dye in to your heart.
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