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My Lolita Brother

My Lolita Brother - 2 chapter(s)

24 minutes ago
"It feels TERRIBLE to have a brother!"- we both thought.
Until one day, we both made a wish to turn the other into a sister..
Shall We Have Dinner Tonight?

Shall We Have Dinner Tonight? - Update chap 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43

26 minutes ago
Do-hee Woo and Hae-Gyung Kim are both young and single, each with a history of broken relationships in their past. They meet one day while trying to dine alone at the same restaurant and they soon become friends who eat together every week. But with each meal, their friendship grows deeper as they help each other heal from the heartbreak they have suffered and soon they must redefine what they mean to each other.
Cooking Master Boy

Cooking Master Boy - Update chap 31

50 minutes ago
After the death of Mao's mother, who was called the "Fairy of Cuisine", Mao must strive to become a legendary chef himself, in order to take the title as head chef at his mother's restaurant. To do this, he must travel to China to learn the many ways of cooking. During his journey, he meets great friends and also fierce rivals.

OGAWA Etsushi's debut oneshot, King of Tower, is included as an extra in volume four.
Mahou Shoujo Site

Mahou Shoujo Site - Update chap 109

53 minutes ago
Asagiri Aya, a girl bullied at school and at home. One day, an eerie website, Mahou Shoujo Site, flashes on her computer screen and welcomes her to the Mahou Shoujo World.
Silver Gravekeeper

Silver Gravekeeper - Update chap 207, 208

1 hour ago
The MC is a really poor student that loves playing games. One of his friends is a popular student detective that convinces him into helping with a murder case. After viewing the last moments of an old man being held at gun point, the scene forces the MC into a virtual reality game, dropping him off at a desert landscape with some pyramids. The MC goes with the flow, and the first thing he sees is a BOSS sand monster and a quest option. Like any MC, he expects to defeat the Boss to win, right? No, it turns out he's the last Gravekeeper and he's supposed to protect the treasure against the Tomb Raiders. That old man? He was his grandfather, and they meet in virtual reality.
Bougyaku no Kokekko

Bougyaku no Kokekko - Update chap 20.5

1 hour ago
Meet Yuu Enji, a boy abandoned by his father, and the oldest kid in his foster home who's fed up with adults like his selfish orphanage principal. His dream is to buy the orphanage, so that everyone there can live happily together. With that goal in mind, he decided to get a job, and went to his high school graduation. But from that day forward, the world suddenly changed! Adults have now started to morph into giant chickens and attack children! Can Yuu protect the children and his dreams during this crisis!?
Amusement Park: Baki's Tales of the Strong

Amusement Park: Baki's Tales of the Strong - Update chap 2

1 hour ago
The boy asked the man, the man answered....."I've been there, in the Korakuen Arena, fought against Hanayama Kaoru, it was amazing."
The boy asked him again but this time a question that terrified him to the core 'Where's the amusement park?" the man had no answer.
This is a series of tales about a dark place inside the world of the Baki series, the so-called "Amusement Park" come and discover by yourself why strong men fear it so much. Take a peek at darkness itself!!!
Iron Ladies

Iron Ladies - Update chap 46

1 hour ago
University graduate Mu Siyun sent his resume to the star fleet on a whim and somehow became the Fleet Admiral! Ths is the story about an admiral with a harem of 3000 female soldiers conquering the universe…
Because I'm An Uncle who Runs A Weapon Shop

Because I'm An Uncle who Runs A Weapon Shop - Update chap 24

2 hours ago
A weapons shop owner who is more much more capable than he looks, a clever and cute young demon loli from unknown origins. What roles do these two play in a new world where nothing is certain!
Meikyuu Shinwa: Hajikete! Zakku

Meikyuu Shinwa: Hajikete! Zakku - Update chap 3

2 hours ago
Follow the adventures of Zack, a crazy boy with even crazier strength who loves to fight! What starts out as an innocent boxing match soon leads Zack into the world of invincible demon-possessed teenagers, acid-spewing mutants, and craven, bloodthirsty cultists! If you're looking for a manga that just bleeds insanity, then you've found it!
A Diffusion Disease

A Diffusion Disease - Update chap 4

3 hours ago
Katsuhiko Tobe faces an odd dilemma. Losing control of his physical self, his body diffuses into nothingness as his disembodied consciousness flows throughout the world constantly contemplating both the world and his current situation. Meanwhile, his best friend Azami Seshimo waits in their native Japan for Katsuhiko's return.
Kiss x Sis

Kiss x Sis - Update chap 127

3 hours ago
Keita Suminoe has two older (not blood-related) twin step-sisters who love him in a lustful way and have no problems expressing it. They even like to compete about it; much to the laughter of his friends (which he usually endures without problems). One day they come to his school to give him his lunch, resulting in him getting angry due to the atmosphere. To counteract his anger, they confess their tender feelings for him in front of everyone and leave. Feeling sorry he chases after them and says that he'll study hard in order to get in the same high school as them.
Saotome Girl, Hitakakusu

Saotome Girl, Hitakakusu - Update chap 94

4 hours ago
High-Schooler Tsukishima Satoru gets confessed to by local female High-School boxing-talent Saotome Yae. He rejects her initially because he does not want to impede her boxing career (and prevent getting beaten up by her fans).

Her female coach, Shioya hears about this and decides to install him as Saotome's trainer so that they can secretly date each other. This situation is also aided by his extensive boxing knowledge.
Arrogance and Romance

Arrogance and Romance - Update chap 67

4 hours ago
Wi Suk-Hee works at a law firm along with her crush, attorney Kang Mino. However, a new employee Jung Yoon-hoo joins the firm and a love triangle relationship forms..
Bright and Cheery Amnesia

Bright and Cheery Amnesia - Update chap 28

4 hours ago
From Girls in Boxes:

Mari's girlfriend, Arisa, loses her memories of the past three years, including all memory of their life together. However, it turns out that being crazy in love with someone transcends all realms of possibility.

Sayuri - Update chap 4

5 hours ago
In order to give his family a fresh start, Akio buys a house in the countryside. However, there is something very wrong with the house, and what should have been a haven of peace slowly turns into a nightmare.
About a Lazy High School Guy Who Woke Up as a Girl One Morning

About a Lazy High School Guy Who Woke Up as a Girl One Morning - Update chap 8

5 hours ago
After a guy wakes up as a girl one morning, his roommate wants him to turn back.
Saishuu Densha

Saishuu Densha - Update chap 3

5 hours ago
Workaholic, Natsume, misses the last train of the day on the same day that another office worker, Miki, misses it. They end up going to a business hotel nearby, but end up staying in the same room. For Natsume, who is used to working through a computer, staying in the same room as someone else is a first and he finds it extremely difficult to get through it. Especially with the friendly and bright Miki, who tugs him into the bed with him as they spend the night in the room together. When the next day comes, Miki tells Natsume that he'd love to see him again...?
Kemono no Souja

Kemono no Souja - Update vol 3 chap 3.31

21 minutes ago
Centered around a girl who can control the greatest of beasts as if she was playing a musical instrument. However, she gets embroiled in a war for supremacy between kingdoms.
Hedgehog Harry

Hedgehog Harry - Update chap 192

6 hours ago
Harry is a hedgehog who just wants to be hugged; Garu is a wolf who looks intimidating but has a kind heart; Peta is a penguin who dreams of being able to fly. This is their story.
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