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The Young Lady Can't Escape From Her Doting Husband ♡ - Update chapter 6

The first prince, a childhood friend, a general, and an assassin - what if they suddenly ask for love...?!
An anthology from “Moonlight novels” that collects the adorable stories of young women and charming men!
Includes 4 one-shots with plenty of lovely and sweet R-rated scenes. We will give you a lovely romance with high sugar content!
Volume 1 Information:
Spoiler The Villainess Can't Escape
Artist: Huyukusa Momo Original: Akane Sumire

The Use of Engagement Cancellation Was Planned
Artist: Kitamura Shin Original: Itsuki Tachibana

The Princess Is Weak Towards the Young General
Artist: Nekonomori Shima Original: Saki Ouya

The Otome Game’s Season Will Begin, but It’s Too Difficult for Me Who’s a Mob
Artist: Tsutsumi Hato Original: Usui Katsura

Yesterday wo Utatte EX – Genten wo Tazurete Toume Kei Shoki Tanpenshuu - Update chapter 3

A special volume containing background/design information on the main series, some extra side stories, as well as some early works by Kei Toume.The Sea Where the Siren Lives:"In the city by the sea, we understood that we could never understand each other.

Atashi Kisushita - Update chapter 2, 3

"What can I do to change our relationship status quo?" Enjoy a brand new oneshot by Dessert new super rookie, Mitsui Haruka!

Bokura no Kiseki ~another stories~ - Update chapter 8, 9

Bokura no Kiseki ~Another Stories~ is a volume featuring three sides stories for Bokura no Kiseki along with a few other works (mostly previously published in Arcana) by the author, Kumeta Natsuo.

The volume was published in July 2018, a couple months after volume 18 of Bokura no Kiseki.
Another story #1 also appeared in the July 2018 issue of Comic ZERO-SUM alongside Bokura no Kiseki ch. 75.

4P short stories - Update chapter 10

A series of 10 short stories by Ironon, author of Ichizu de Bitch na Kouhai.

t/n: I request that you please don't change the tags

Nana Shimazaki, Looking For Work - Update chapter 8.5

Nana Shimazaki, is a manga artist, but her work doesn't sell well. She's dead broke, without even enough money to pay for AC. Just when all seems lost, she finally gets a request for a commission, but somethings a little different about this job...

I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow Comes! - Update chapter 2

"This is our competition!"

Two editors are fighting to get Inawashiro-sensei to finish his manga in time, but a possible romance sparks between the two editors. What will become of them?

Though I May Be a Villainess, I'll Show You I Can Obtain Happiness! - Update Vol.4 Chapter 6

Annulled engagements, "serves you right"s, condemnation events, doting, royalty, reincarnated heroines, banishment endings… it's fully loaded with all the charms of villainesses!

A comicalization of popular villainess stories that were published on Shousetsuka ni Narou! An anthology of oneshots with happy endings!!

Birthday Songs 4/1 - Update chapter 6

Mello is a normal girl who has lived on Earth her whole life... or so she thought. It turns out she's an alien who has been living 250 light years away from her home planet. But going back means leaving her childhood friend, Ichi (an Earthling), behind...

Love Planet is a series of 6 oneshots:
- Koi Suru Wakusei
- HUG!
- Kimagure Robots
- Itooshi no Giant-sama

The age difference between Yuu and Mizuho is one minute. But because of this one minute Mizuho went to school a year earlier and graduated a year faster. When she’s going away to Kyoto University, will Yuu be able to tell her his feelings?

There's a Lie in this Infatuation - 2 chapter(s)

From the powerful duo behind “Marika-chan and her Gentle Love Slave”, comes a long-awaited new series!

Inukai Hagumi had the encounter of her dreams with a handsome customer at the cafe where she works. However, is this dream too good to be true?

This is a 2-part one-shot.

Say Thank You - Update chapter 7

Your first ever girlfriend, the teacher you loved back in school, your friend’s mother whom you’ve always looked up to, the colleague at work that somehow interests you etc...
People like us who just started loving someone else, lead such strong, beautiful and refreshing lives.

The scenery which you vividly remember will be changed with your aspirations.
Drawn by Nikaido Ko, it’s been 2 years since their last release! An omnibus of precious short stories.

☆ 7 compiled works
“Next to You ~side ogre~”
“I love my Teacher”
“Next to You ~side human~”
“Jade Coloured Eyes”
“Four Donuts”
“Love Swing-by”

The Reincarnated Snow White Doesn’t Want to Eat the Poisoned Apple - 2 chapter(s)

I was an ordinary Japanese high schooler but now I’ve been reincarnated into the classic fairytale “Snow White”! If the storyline continues, I’ll end up being hunted down and poisoned by the queen with a poisoned apple. In that case, I’ll just leave before the hunter comes!

A modern twist on the classic fairytale oneshot from the duo NANAO Mio x TOMA Rei.

I Want to Lock You Up - Update Vol.2 Chapter 1, Vol.2 Chapter 2, Vol.3 Chapter 0

Includes an unrelated short story called Daijoubu! Koi x Koi (All Safe! Love x Love):
Suzuri gets asked to join the manga club. Excited (because she reads them) she sadly refuses, because she cannot draw them. But that's okay, says senpai, because senpai would rather Suzuri model for them any way.
Getting reeled in, Suzuri agrees happily. But who knew the modeling would get so perverted?! Not to mention, she might actually be starting to develp feeling towards her senpai... What will happen to Suzuri?

Tojikometai no (I Want to Lock You Up) (閉じこめたいの)
From Yuri Project:
In her dreams, Chika can freely confess her love for Mitsuki. But the reality, where she barely manages to talk properly with her classmate, isn’t as kind.

Miseru, Mitsumeru, Futari Dake - Update chapter 6

The thick clothes are just a camouflage to hide the fact that She doesn't wear anything under her clothes. I know this because I've been shown a lot. That girl... Hoshijima-san... is a crazy exhibitionist woman.

Ashita kara wa Mou Nomimasen - Update chapter 1, 5, 6, 7, 9

1. Candy Trap

2. Hachimitsu Method/Honey Method
Sakura realizes that lasting love is possible with Mai, even if she's a woman.

3. Tadashii Pantsu no Sutekata

4. Naisho no Kaijuu-chan

5. Sakasama Buranko

6. Ashita kara wa Mou Nomimasen/From Tomorrow on, No More Drinking
Madoka and Yuina were in the same high school friend group but went separate ways in college. Now they've run into each other at work, what will be confessed if they get drunk?

7. Girls Bitter Ambitious
Mei discovers that guys don't make her feel the way her best friend Tomoko does.

8. Dark Cherry to Shoujo A

9. Onnanoko Party/The Girls' Party
Sakura and Mai come to an understanding.
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