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    Hm, looks pretty similar to the manga, Female Knight Who Has Never Been Treated as a Woman, just more frisky.
    But I wonder if this manga will achieve the same notoriety? Guess, we'll find out in a few months depending on the update rate

    Having finished her lifelong revenge, Ms. Dark Elf has too much free time · 2022-12-10T04:26:35Z


    never underestimate a fat man. especially one who knows his kung fu, muay tai, jiu jutsu or other mma.

    Chapter 7 - Reincarnation of the Murim Clan's Former Ranker · 2022-12-10T04:26:25Z

    Som Eone

    The date just perfect. Hope nothing ruin it next chapter ๐Ÿคž

    Chapter 102: Ep. 102 - Festival of Harvest (2) - Like Wind on a Dry Branch · 2022-12-10T04:22:08Z

    ๐Ÿ†‚๐ข๐ฅ๐ฏษ‡๐Ÿ† ลฆ๐Ÿ…พษ‡แดŽix

    It was his fault then.... soo many people died for taking a fruit & angering a snek!

    Chapter 226 - Volcanic Age · 2022-12-10T04:21:23Z

    Proxy Account

    are those snake hairs?

    Why do I feel like another Old One came to the block?

    Chapter 27: Spirit Exchange - Gyaru and Cthulhu · 2022-12-10T04:21:04Z


    Bro the moment Quilin said "Dragon's dont exist" and this dude popped out, we all knew he was gonna be a dragon

    Chapter 80: Episode 80 - The Ember Knight · 2022-12-10T04:15:47Z

    Takayuki Furuichi

    As an RPG fan, I like how the abilities are explained clearly so power scaling can be done.
    NO power of friendship BS
    And I like how the side characters are acting.

    Chapter 398: Search - Hunter X Hunter · 2022-12-10T04:13:39Z


    i though as a onee-chan but young mother is fine.

    Chapter 58: Father and Son - Sengoku Komachi Kurou Tan! · 2022-12-10T04:11:33Z

    Hentai Protag

    Bro got confused with the wrong things all the time

    Chapter 23 - Hyper Luck · 2022-12-10T04:07:50Z


    This guy somehow reminds me of Iori Yagami.. Probably due to his act and manner perhaps?

    Chapter 13 - Return of the SSS-Class Ranker · 2022-12-10T04:07:12Z

    Foo Revellion

    just a one page wholesome that enough through the day

    Chapter 19.5 - More Than Lovers, Less Than Friends · 2022-12-10T04:05:27Z

    Odd-eyes raging dragon

    Of course! More cliffhangers! Aren't they just the best!? Ooohhh! I love me some cliffhangers!!

    Chapter 71: Ep. 71 - The Fateful Day (4) - Blood and Butterflies · 2022-12-10T04:03:35Z