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    Sato Kazuma

    Ok I love these kind of stories but I have one complaint with them. It seems whenever a Manhwa introduces a "rift" or "system" to a plot line they just leave out the part of who or what the hell created these.... I mean it's kinda useful information. These rifts in these stories kill millions to billions in them, so wouldn't it be smart to find out where they came from or who made them instead of mindlessly swinging at the monsters that are endlessly pouring out of them? Just food for thought.

    Chapter 1 - I'm the Main Character's Little Sister · 2023-03-26T14:47:58Z


    On that note, I will silently watch their progress.

    Chapter 213 - Senpai ga Urusai Kouhai no Hanashi · 2023-03-26T14:46:07Z


    I think he meant either you die or you die

    Chapter 3172: Either You Die, or I Die! - Martial Peak · 2023-03-26T14:45:57Z


    He's not hiding it, he was about to tell the hunter but realized all of his clones are dead, so he ran to his family

    Chapter 26 - Auto Hunting With My Clones · 2023-03-26T14:45:25Z


    I wonder how Tabata will use the dwarves race as the story is about to finish since charmy is also a half dwarf half human hybrid so I'm curious.

    Chapter 355: The Prince of Stars - Black Clover · 2023-03-26T14:42:35Z

    Jesse McCoy

    What a great day to be a ONE sensei fan

    Chapter 5: The alliance of al.. - VERSUS · 2023-03-26T14:38:55Z

    Toar Fandy

    "anyone who touch akane, will die" said the Oni-chan

    Chapter 51 - The Eminence in Shadow · 2023-03-26T14:35:50Z

    Baka No Jutsu

    blue hair is pissing me off can someone who has read the raws tell me which chapter he gets cut out the story completely?

    Chapter 65 - I Only Want to Beat You · 2023-03-26T14:34:12Z

    Chun ∞ω∞

    No your sister is having the time of her life
    Ara~ that dang great-aunt, also kek noh goon running away…
    Lol that kid is right, old man you should have bought more…

    Chapter 148 - Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside · 2023-03-26T14:31:01Z

    Hentai man

    Yeah it feels like he was a part of the machine uprising

    Chapter 5: The alliance of al.. - VERSUS · 2023-03-26T14:28:18Z