Right now, she's still my childhood friend's sister.


Touki Futahara is the younger sister of Iori Fuyutsuki's childhood friend and an incoming student at their high school. She's a self-proclaimed little devil and "the girl most envied by seniors." Now she's waiting at Touki's door every morning.

"Senpai! Give me your hand! Let's hold hands to stay warm!"

But Iori knows that Touki's actually more like a shy puppy who blushes at the slightest touch. All the bold teasing is just an act, and she's feeling nervous inside.

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Heblo The Turtle

AHHHH I ALREADY LOVE THIS MANHWA! Honestly I thought I'd drop this after a chapter or two but it just keeps getting better and hyping me up!

I'm thinking of doing a few star jumps and push ups are every 3 chapters. I'll see you all in the next few chapters!

Chapter 5: How to Fight Painfully - How to Fight · 2022-12-07T20:17:13Z

king Ron

bro no one cares about this lady.. boho toy back stabber. thats what you get

Chapter 15 - Wild West Murim · 2022-12-07T20:14:02Z


so each of the ranger has their own element correlated to their own color, wood for green, fire for red, water for blue, dunno what yellow and pink are

Chapter 77: Labyrinth - Ranger Reject · 2022-12-07T20:13:50Z


Bro finna get the whole world petrified again

Chapter 220 - Dr. Stone · 2022-12-07T20:13:37Z


Idek how he survived this whole time. Cockroach syndrome? 😂

Chapter 134 - Legend of the Northern Blade · 2022-12-07T20:13:30Z


Yep it’s a good counter against Ryuki’s techniques that mainly relies on speed

Chapter 187 - Kengan Omega · 2022-12-07T20:12:43Z

Mogus man

I think it was mentioned once and never spoken about again for almost twenty chapters, or however long this arc's been going on for

Chapter 134 - Nano Machine · 2022-12-07T20:11:37Z

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It honestly could be an Envoy warrior cube thing that went to earth for some reason or something like that...

Chapter 217: Nothing left to talk about - Tonikaku Cawaii · 2022-12-07T20:11:20Z


Force them to expend energy/resources/personnel. Brilliant plan. Is the winner gonna take all the items that were placed as bets? That’s a crazy reward.

Chapter 117 - Kill the Hero · 2022-12-07T20:10:45Z


Im sensing a disturbance within the flags of the red (I phrased it that way on purpose)

Chapter 170 - The Beginning After the End · 2022-12-07T20:10:04Z


Heros and Demon Lords are both just creatures who have a piece of a god as their power source.

But the leftover soul of the god that creates Heros is degrading so thats why Heros can no longer compete with Demon Lords.

Also religion is being used to control people which weakened the gods by depriving them of worship even though they protected the world from destruction.

Chapter 101 - The Rise of the Unemployed Wise Man · 2022-12-07T20:08:40Z

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With his looks though it's still hard to be sure he is even still a he. But at least he looks a little less girly with the cloak and hair.

Chapter 41 - Reaper of the Drifting Moon · 2022-12-07T20:07:41Z


Oh man, if Iris really is a descendant of Alice/Remiria our man is going to have quite his hands full with her lol

Chapter 14: Former Demon Lord, Following the Past - Henkyou Gurashi no Maou, Tensei shite Saikyou no Majutsushi ni naru · 2022-12-07T20:07:11Z


Almost killing your girl on a date is so romantique~

Chapter 46 - Overpowered Sword · 2022-12-07T20:06:12Z