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    Monkey D. Luffy

    Remember around chapter 20 when the Mc met his grandpa from the first time , he knew he was planning something ..
    And he already suspected there's a spy .. Not to mention he defeated jo pil or whatever was his name with smart tactics ..

    Chapter 33 - Murim Login · 2021-09-25T11:47:47Z


    anything that deal's kinetic energy or posion will work .... maybe not the bomb but radiation will likely kill them

    Chapter 20 - Hero Has Returned · 2021-09-25T11:46:06Z


    stupid brats. why can't they listen to adults

    Chapter 111: Unwelcomed Guest - Yakusoku no Neverland · 2021-09-25T11:45:33Z


    Lol 😆seriously who gonna believe that "It seems that i have made a mistake"

    Chapter 87: Ep. 87 - A THREE-PARTY MEETING (1) - To Be You, Even Just For a Day · 2021-09-25T11:45:03Z


    lol what the fk is that ? lol

    Chapter 20 - Hero Has Returned · 2021-09-25T11:45:03Z

    Attic skeleton

    Stfu ofc everyone would love the good characters! That's common sense!!
    And yes characters in this series aren't likeable even after redeeming themselves

    Chapter 29: Ep. 29 - Shotgun Boy · 2021-09-25T11:44:16Z


    I can read the LN no problem but as a person i don't personally like spoilers.
    I like to FEEL THE MOMENT as it happens suddenly (the ecstacy, the euphoria of sudden emotion i like to feel them freshly) if i know what's going to happen anyway doesn't feel the same excitement. You get what i mean?

    Chapter 122 - The Beginning After the End · 2021-09-25T11:43:03Z

    Attic skeleton

    Why would sweet home's mc's relatives need to redeem themselves. He acted like a bitch in his own family's funeral. Ofc they would kick him out, it's not like they did anything wrong.
    And yes characters in this story are redeemable but i meant that none of them are likeable

    Chapter 29: Ep. 29 - Shotgun Boy · 2021-09-25T11:42:56Z


    I actually suspect that the bandage man is actually the cry knight girl but mc copy the cry girl intimidation and the bandage guy looks scared by that so i think like they clashes sword before

    Chapter 17: Episode 17 - The Ember Knight · 2021-09-25T11:41:19Z