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Bash, the Orc Warrior, is a Hero.
During the war, he crushed and defeated all that stood in his path. He is respected by all Orcs as the Orc among Orcs.
However, Bash has a secret.
He has no experience with women – he, the Hero, was a virgin.
For Orcs, who hold combat and sexual prowess in high regard, being a virgin is tremendously shameful.

[The fact that I’m a not only a virgin, but a virgin Orc Hero, is a shame for all of Orcish society. I want a wife too!] With this in mind, he decides to embark on a journey.
In order to protect the pride and honor of his race, but mostly to finally get his d*ck wet, he decides to go to leave on a grand quest to find himself a woman.

From the author of the popular LN series "Mushoku Tensei", comes with another masterpiece!

5 Chapter(s)
A dude with a bad eyesight

The Population Of The Frontier Owner Starts With 0. "Dias The Blue" And A Blue Horned Girl.

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Chapter 13 - The Vampire Part-Timer Kirishima-kun · 2021-09-25T12:35:17Z

Burning Phoenix

Do what you want
People may bring hate upon you and try to drag you down
But never fall
In the end, you will stand smiling
All those who tried to bring you down to your lowest, will just suffer in a failure of such a pointless action.

Girl Reborn - Chapter 24 - MangaKatana · 2021-09-25T12:31:15Z


hoooo~ what manga may we be talking about

Chapter 45 - Rooftop Sword Master · 2021-09-25T12:30:31Z

Nova Kin

It wouldn't be a good story unless he's a "Mary Sue" with infinite power of Excalibur (powered by bravery?).

I would be happier if the author didn't need to rely on deus ex machina to write a interesting story. They could have made them escape, or fight with that terrible looking sword until help arrives. It'll be a boring story if they didn't earn anything. Ugh.. Oh well.

Chapter 4 - Player · 2021-09-25T12:30:15Z

Al Nyan

Not to mention his boots must have been soaking wet from breaking all those balloons filled with water... physics do not work on him xd

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor - Chapter 59 - MangaKatana · 2021-09-25T12:23:14Z