My Tsundere Childhood Friend Is Very Cute

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    Ittsumo Shiotaiou na Osananajimi dakedo, Ore ni Kataomoi shite iru no ga Barebare de Kawaii. ; いっつも塩対応な幼なじみだけど、俺に片想いしているのがバレバレでかわいい。 ; She's My Childhood Friend Who Is Always Acting Coldly Towards Me But Clearly She Has A Crush on Me And That Makes It Cute ; 外冷內熱的青梅對我的暗戀暴露無遺
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    Chapter 17
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《 Today, I’ll confess to Ko-chan! 》 A voice suddenly heard by Kota Nitake, a high school boy who is not particularly popular. It was the voice of Ayano Yumemigasaki, a childhood friend who always has an attitude that doesn’t look like him! Kota didn’t know that Ayano fell in love with him. 《 I really wanted Ko-chan to talk to me … 》 Kota begins to be aware of Ayano’s unrequited love. However, an unexpected side effect of “voice of the heart” ……! ??

18 Chapter(s)
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