My Tsundere Childhood Friend Is Very Cute

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    Ittsumo Shiotaiou na Osananajimi dakedo, Ore ni Kataomoi shite iru no ga Barebare de Kawaii. ; いっつも塩対応な幼なじみだけど、俺に片想いしているのがバレバレでかわいい。 ; She's My Childhood Friend Who Is Always Acting Coldly Towards Me But Clearly She Has A Crush on Me And That Makes It Cute ; 外冷內熱的青梅對我的暗戀暴露無遺
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    Chapter 10
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《 Today, I’ll confess to Ko-chan! 》 A voice suddenly heard by Kota Nitake, a high school boy who is not particularly popular. It was the voice of Ayano Yumemigasaki, a childhood friend who always has an attitude that doesn’t look like him! Kota didn’t know that Ayano fell in love with him. 《 I really wanted Ko-chan to talk to me … 》 Kota begins to be aware of Ayano’s unrequited love. However, an unexpected side effect of “voice of the heart” ……! ??

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How did I forget about her, High tier waifu

Chapter 82 - Solo Leveling · 2023-01-30T07:26:51Z


That is true if people find out about the miracle then she's as good as .......

Chapter 11 - Relife Player · 2023-01-30T07:23:00Z


Besides the whole mind reading, finishing each other's sentences thing... I'm glad she speaks up for her friend. Not many would do that.

Chapter 9: A Terrible Teacher - The Mute Girl and Her New Friend · 2023-01-30T07:22:11Z

Exalted Nevaeh

No, that was never said. It's just that she's the only one among the children that he's acknowledged, and wanted her to be the next head of the family.

She's still 9 stars, likely stronger than a standard 9 star obviously since she's taking on this wind dragon and a 9 star mage like this, but still a 9 star. Their father on the other hand is the only genesis knight in existence currently. He's passed 10 star, and is a friggin demigod.

But basically, aside from him and likely his wife, Luna is probably the strongest in the family.

Chapter 55 - Swordmaster’s Youngest Son · 2023-01-30T07:21:07Z


Damn the killing intent was so damn cool

Chapter 10 - Relife Player · 2023-01-30T07:19:30Z

Generic Tyrant

Although it's the same author as Akame ga Kill, I don't think they intend to make it the kill fest that was. I do however think we are nearing the death of a character we care about however.

Chapter 100: The Elite Soldiers of Mato - Slave of the Magic Capital's Elite Troops · 2023-01-30T07:19:08Z


Seriously what the hell is wrong with this dude

Chapter 9 - Relife Player · 2023-01-30T07:16:35Z


Big sis did her job now it's your turn

Chapter 8 - Relife Player · 2023-01-30T07:12:56Z


Those three looks like they almost got caught doing something naughty 😆

Chapter 67 - I became the Male Lead’s Adopted Daughter · 2023-01-30T07:12:38Z