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    Why do they want that darn book? Is it a Darkhold?

    Chapter 101 - The Twin Siblings’ New Life · 2022-12-10T05:48:31Z


    In zombie mode my response is "Shoot it to pieces, then burn the pieces".

    Chapter 21 - KILLER SHARK IN ANOTHER WORLD · 2022-12-10T05:47:14Z


    I think this one would actually destroy Hollywood forever with all the cross-IP theft suits this being a movie would cause.
    let's do it!

    Chapter 21 - KILLER SHARK IN ANOTHER WORLD · 2022-12-10T05:46:03Z

    DJ Narration

    Dat prince, keeps making that hand pose like a girl lol

    Chapter 5 - Tearmoon Empire Story · 2022-12-10T05:44:07Z


    It's good that his elder sister Luna cares and loves him unconditionally. Luna doesn't want him to be lonely in their strict and dangerous family. Also, this was a funny scene for the siblings https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

    Chapter 15 - Swordmaster’s Youngest Son · 2022-12-10T05:43:46Z


    Started at mangarock finished in mangakatana

    One of manga i really wonder how its end

    Chapter 115 - Sounan desu ka? · 2022-12-10T05:43:07Z

    ZECTCustomUnit .

    Sooo…this villainess likes her current husband? I don’t mind. It’s weirdly cute

    And the masses though the villainess was in love with the stepson?

    Vol.6 Chapter 6: Let's Burn Up the Evil Runway - Though I May Be a Villainess, I'll Show You I Can Obtain Happiness! · 2022-12-10T05:42:27Z