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    I’m confused. Didn’t he do that already?

    Chapter 372 - Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu · 2022-09-27T11:58:21Z


    I almost spoiled some shit then I remembered people don't play the game so they wouldn't know lol

    Chapter 21.2: The Nutcracker Once More VIII - 2 - Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant - Deep Sea Cyber-Paradise SE.RA.PH · 2022-09-27T11:57:37Z


    are you being sarcastic? its hard to tell.

    Chapter 52: Deal! - The Princess Is Evil · 2022-09-27T11:57:11Z


    Why do I find a book made of human leather so repulsive while I'm sitting on sheep skin? Damn I'm hypocritical.

    Chapter 52: Deal! - The Princess Is Evil · 2022-09-27T11:55:00Z

    Gray Raven Squad

    Well...most korean still didn't forgive japan for what they do in ww2...

    Kou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita · 2022-09-27T11:52:16Z

    Brewster Gabia

    does someone notice that the bullet will come aftr keyaru defeat dk/dl then keyaru will get raped while the girl get tentacle'd??

    Chapter 46.1 - Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi · 2022-09-27T11:48:57Z


    1. Shimada over-reacting
    2. Shimada paying no heed to Zanko's pain
    3. Damemaru regenerating is always creepy

    Chapter 32: Triangular Prism Hell - Dai Dark · 2022-09-27T11:47:32Z