Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Raihousha Hen


Manga adaptation of the 6th arc of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei series.

(Adaption of Light Novel v09-v11)

19 Chapter(s)
Unlicensed Detective

First thing that came up in my mind when the head librarian mentions the story

Chapter 49 - SSS-Class Suicide Hunter · 2022-09-30T09:50:07Z

Fluffy Torpedo

didnt even notice it till you pointed it out lmao

Right now, she's still my childhood friend's sister. · 2022-09-30T09:47:25Z

gambling mob-ster

for a moment i thought we were gonna watch them as new mc s
they draged it way t long

Chapter 126: What can be Changed - Part 1 - Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint · 2022-09-30T09:40:02Z


This really takes the cake for most obscure kink

Chapter 103: Season 3 - The Dungeon Master · 2022-09-30T09:39:51Z

William Sean Lee

It hurts so much.. Come on so you just gonna leave Libur like that, Translator team?

Chapter 123 - Player · 2022-09-30T09:36:26Z


So you also stumbled across an weird manga like me huh?

Chapter 1 - Isekai Robin Hood · 2022-09-30T09:33:18Z


Some of you might remeber watching this anime, i remember this didn't get a second season and i was really pissed

In Another World With My Smartphone · 2022-09-30T09:33:10Z


i do all three things so do i have a ruined life?

Chapter 19 - The Chef Hides His Blessing · 2022-09-30T09:32:42Z


Philip knows gray kicked wolf's ass, right?

Chapter 207: (S3) Ep. 206 - Weak Hero · 2022-09-30T09:31:50Z

Demon Bee

wow just wow. the amount of scenarios and twists I did not see coming. We thought they were just monsters, then we see their circumstances. some forgive most dont. for there to be a path of redemption or some other path is beyond expectation. Such amazing plots. The old gen were just sacrifices to make the villains look stronger and menacing, but they were not mear lambs to the slaughter they stood true to thier name and left a mark.

Chapter 38 - Hero Has Returned · 2022-09-30T09:31:50Z