Let this place be an Alternate Universe!


If there isn't an alternate universe, then we'll just make one!
Yatsusaki Yuudai, an enlightened high-schooler who lives by the motto "Live life in moderation".
Jougasaki Kotonoha, the eccentric girl who wants to be in an alternate universe.
It seems like the meeting of these two polar opposites will cause a huge disturbance in Yuudai's mundane school life!
It's a weird story of an Isekai club that establishes an alternate universe... ish!

5 Chapter(s)

but still there is a thing that is not that clear to me... because there is a moment later in the arc (u probably remember) that his proficiency stops increasing but the spirits say "no no u r getting stronger for sure) so feels like that the number on the soul book is just what they want to show u, not the real number.... so feels like the soul book limit is not real, is just a display.... so maybe unlocking the soulbook number was not even supposed to be a big deal I guess.... but ssince they said it was, I wish they did a bit more fuss XD

Chapter 22: Makoto Takatsuki fights alongside the Hero Of Light 1 - Shinja Zero no Megami-sama to Hajimeru Isekai Kouryaku · 2022-10-07T08:11:40Z

Burning Phoenix


Hes so straightforward now
( /// > /// w /// < /// )

Chapter 61 - Just for a Meowment · 2022-10-07T08:11:07Z


Best chapter so far imo. He did those bastards in beautifully.

Chapter 4 - Wild West Murim · 2022-10-07T08:10:51Z

I punch woke idiots

I get this feeling Korean writers all dislike japan alot alot alot.

Chapter 127 - Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint · 2022-10-07T08:08:53Z


its from a tv series called game of thrones. its like super populair how have you not seen/heard about it?

Chapter 2640: Dragon Breath - Martial Peak · 2022-10-07T08:08:40Z

Nghtly Orchid

by then his proficiency so absurd that they don't know what to do about it but accept the fact as water under the bridge 😅
and well, they can't punish or antagonize him because he become stronger and more useful than other heroes/heroines 😅

Chapter 22: Makoto Takatsuki fights alongside the Hero Of Light 1 - Shinja Zero no Megami-sama to Hajimeru Isekai Kouryaku · 2022-10-07T08:06:28Z


Agreed. In previous chap, ever since she saw Choi Han-Dae her eyes seems like it said "OH SHIT!" and she just run off out of sudden. I suspecting she didn't tell the whole true story.

Chapter 45 - One day, Suddenly, Seoul Is · 2022-10-07T08:05:59Z

Burning Phoenix

Probably a descendant of the Jade Emperor

Chapter 60 - Just for a Meowment · 2022-10-07T08:04:22Z


Stupid governor dug his own grave

Chapter 4 - Chronicles of a Returner · 2022-10-07T08:01:08Z