I Worked Myself to Death and Reincarnated as the Queen of His Majesty, Who Is Younger than Me!

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    I Reincarnated and Became a 15- year-old Queen ~I’m an ex-office worker, and His Majesty the King who’s younger than me is approaching me~?! ; Tensei Shitara 15-sai no Ouhi deshita ~Moto Shachiku no Watashi ga, Toshishita no Kokuouheika ni Semarareteimasu?!~ ; Tensei Shitara 15sai no Ouhi Deshita ; 転生したら15歳の王妃でした 〜聖女のチートなんて興味がないし、気ままにおいしいごはんを作ります~ ; 過労死して転生したら、年下の国王陛下の妃になっちゃった!
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    Chapter 3
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I'm Saeki Emi, 28 years old. After I died from overworking, I was reincarnated and opened my eyes in the body of a 15-year-old queen.

I have a husband (His Majesty, the King) but... He's only 17 years old!

After I reincarnated, I thought I'd be pampered and live a life of luxury.

But his Majesty said, "A reincarnator's life is likely to be targeted." (As you can see, my identity was discovered.)

The original personality of her reincarnated body, Emilia, also appears as a ghost. Somehow, my second life is difficult and full of drama?

I was released from being a corporate slave. This time, I thought I could live a relaxed and peaceful life...!

This is a bit different from the usual reincarnation event. It's a healing royal palace romantic comedy!

3 Chapter(s)
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