Isekai Kara Seijo ga Kuru You Nanode, Jamamono wa Kieyou to Omoimasu

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    Since a Saintess Is Coming From Another World, I, the Hindrance, Want to Disappear ; 異世界から聖女が来るようなので、邪魔者は消えようと思います
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    Chapter 2.2, 2.3
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Web version ・Infatuation mode for the royal princess has started ★

Felicia, who suddenly gets back her memories from the previous life, is married off to a distant foreign land by her enthroned elder brother as harassmentー This world is that of an otome game, and my marriage partner, Crown Prince WIlliam, is in love with the saintess from another world. Thus I, the hindrance, will be executed?! To avoid the destruction flag, Felicia decides to live as a commoner while making medicine.

However, William whispers breathtakingly alluring words into her ears... What kind of a trap is this?!

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Oh sweet, didn't know it had alternate titles my bad.

Solo Leveling · 2023-02-02T11:19:30Z


Dude nearly sacrificed Earth's only chance at overcoming this pending calamity by trying to assassinate the MC.

I can accept him not dying now -- Earth needs its fighting force. But I really wanted to see him get absolutely fucking wrecked. I wanted to see bones smashed and limbs flayed. I wanted him to be gored so bad his healing factor couldn't keep up. I wanted to see chunks of him flying. Fucking flatten him like a pancake.

This cute little play fight was not enough to satisfy my bloodlust.

Chapter 81 - Heavenly Demon Instructor · 2023-02-02T11:19:29Z


A weeks worth of build up for 30 seconds of impotent hype.
Suppose it wouldn't *really* have been entertaining if he just one-shot the prince. I still would've enjoyed seeing it though. Story be damned.

Chapter 64: Hidden Weapon - The Heavenly Demon Can't Live a Normal Life · 2023-02-02T11:16:26Z


kinda hearing that kaguya's voice when she said i said too much

Chapter 107 - Oshi no Ko · 2023-02-02T11:15:42Z


The translation should've been "that one" instead of "his".

Gakuen Alice - Chapter 19 : Natsume's RPG Challenges - MangaKatana · 2023-02-02T11:14:57Z


Power spike. Let's goooo

Chapter 69 - Reality Quest · 2023-02-02T11:14:34Z


Is this incest? Too scared to find out

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii. @ Comic · 2023-02-02T11:11:43Z


Thought she might have a better reaction than that to human master.

Chapter 64 - Tensei Shitara Ken deshita · 2023-02-02T11:10:10Z


mans really gonna hit a yesnt on becoming constellation fr

Chapter 143 - Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint · 2023-02-02T11:09:06Z


The saddest part is how he showed us how good it can be and it went back to shit, I DONT WANNA KNOW THAT KAZUYA GETS TURN ON BY BRUSHING TEETH AND BY CHIZURUS FUCKING SPIT FOR FUCK SAKE. JUST. END IT. PLEASE.

Chapter 1 - The Demon Prince goes to the Academy · 2023-02-02T11:07:57Z