Choujin Sentai Jetman - Toki o Kakete

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    Bird-Man Squadron Jetman: Time Flies ; Chojin Sentai Jetman: Toki wo Kakete ; Choujin Sentai Jetman - Toki wo Kakete ; Winged Squadron Jetman: Time Flies
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Choujin Sentai Jetman - Toki o Kakete is a manga sequel to the Choujin Sentai Jetman TV season created by Akiko Fujii and released on August 30, 1996. Set five years after the series, it tells the story of the Jetman and their battle against the revived Dimensional War Party Vyram as well as the introduction of the manga only Sentai Ranger, Green Eagle.

13 Chapter(s)
Dat Folk

you shot yourself when you question cn logics. less than one 1% of em would make a good story.

Chapter 170 - All Hail the Sect Leader · 2022-09-24T15:37:17Z

Vincenzo DiTrolio

nah this is gonna be leana's harem of photon carriers its not gonna be lacille's harem

Chapter 26: Vs. Lululola - Soukyuu no Ariadne · 2022-09-24T15:36:35Z

Dat Folk

i don't read this but you comment intrigue me. theoretically you could, you know that the longer the object (let say this rod is 1 AU long) from point A to B when A is move just 80 degree the other end would follow and from perspective it would totally look like a whip. not an actual one but at least it'll look like one

Chapter 170 - All Hail the Sect Leader · 2022-09-24T15:36:10Z


This review is a must-read. (To anyone who is about to not read it)

Chapter 129.1: Season 1: Review - Infinite Leveling: Murim · 2022-09-24T15:34:45Z


Bruh what the actual hell? Only break until December after a 128-chapter season? This is insane!

Chapter 129.1: Season 1: Review - Infinite Leveling: Murim · 2022-09-24T15:32:23Z

This Ole Sign Guy

Swish! Kabong! Zonk! Join us again for the next episode. Same bat time, same bat channel!
Oh sorry, got my sound effects mixed up. My bad

Chapter 46.2 - Monster no Goshujin-sama · 2022-09-24T15:30:59Z

sky h

better than middle aged guy × high school girl

ReLIFE - Chapter 218 - MangaKatana · 2022-09-24T15:30:15Z

Suffering Student

Sorry guys for scamming you 😔

Goraihou Gakuen e Youkoso! · 2022-09-24T15:29:17Z