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    Grandmaster U. Yi

    Poros with sharp teeth, #leagueoflegends

    Chapter 8 - The Newbie is Too Strong · 2023-02-03T07:05:45Z


    That's a Koenigsegg not a Porsche. I guess the translator or the artist is brain damaged.

    Chapter 31 - Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later · 2023-02-03T07:05:25Z


    I'm glad punishment was given but I can't help but feel a little sad for Isaac. I know the feeling of getting compare a lot to someone else, that still doesn't changed the fact that what he did was wrong

    Chapter 14 - The Beast Tamer Was Fired From His Childhood Friends' S-Rank Party · 2023-02-03T07:02:36Z


    Me thinkin whats got him so scared of a escaped prison women then i just realized didnt his mom go to prison

    Chapter 73 - Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint · 2023-02-03T07:02:15Z


    Maybe its because he's mean all the time, nice moments feel extra special, compared to a person who's nice all the time.

    Gakuen Alice - Chapter 38 : Moonlit Talks - MangaKatana · 2023-02-03T06:59:54Z

    Grandmaster U. Yi

    rip guardian statues? what did they eat?

    Chapter 7 - The Newbie is Too Strong · 2023-02-03T06:59:52Z


    The relationship is a pain

    Chapter 13 - Argate online · 2023-02-03T06:59:20Z


    Random feeling of "I wanna read solo levelling again" and I find a side story!
    Rather confusing since it didn't pop up in my bookmarks...
    Soooo... Is that it? Or are we looking at a continuation / sequel?

    Chapter 183: Side Story 4 - Solo Leveling · 2023-02-03T06:56:04Z


    Bruh... Is he gonna die with the same fcking poison?! Damn that's some noob moves

    Chapter 198 - Chronicles of Heavenly Demon · 2023-02-03T06:53:27Z


    Looks like things will get tough for riku

    Argate online - Chapter 12 - MangaKatana · 2023-02-03T06:50:59Z