U-temo's Series

Kyou wa Mada Futsuu ni Narenai - Update chapter 18.2, 18.3

Takahashi, a 27-year-old freelancer who likes cute girls, and Yamashita, a fast-paced but sensitive manga artist. At the end of their high school years, the two, who had no desire to find a job or go on to higher education, have been together ever since they got detention for their desired career path. Going on to higher education, getting a job, getting married...they are troubled by the "futsuu" they often encounter in their lives, but somehow manage to stay positive. Two girls. A just-right relationship that loosely fits their hearts.

Yuri is Forbidden for Yuri Ota?! - Update chapter 22

Watanabe Fuyu is a diehard fan of yuri, so she studied hard to get into an all-girls private school and quietly observe the S-class setting of her fantasies. At first, it seems like heaven... until she meets Yoshiokari Rika, a cheery gyaru who reads more like an otaku's dream girl than the refined, demure ladies she's used to reading about. Thrown off by the outlier, Fuyu is reluctant to become friends with Rika - and with their clashing archetypes, she's hoping this odd couple doesn't graduate into a rarepair.

Omae ga Shinu Kara Nemurenai - 1 chapter(s)

An oneshot by U-temo.
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