I Want To See You Embarassed


Akito Shirasawa, a high school boy whose father is a film director, sees something in the library preparation room. It was the "masturbation scene" of his classmate, Natsuho Honjo. Akito is puzzled, but ends up filming it with his smartphone. Natsuho notices Akito, and in the men's restroom, makes a "proposal" to Akito! Exposed high school girl and movie boy. The "exposed love" of twisted adolescence, begins!

Mangaka's Twitter: https://twitter.com/UMA_raclette

39 Chapter(s)

Seriously what the hell is wrong with this dude

Chapter 9 - Relife Player · 2023-01-30T07:16:35Z


Big sis did her job now it's your turn

Chapter 8 - Relife Player · 2023-01-30T07:12:56Z


Those three looks like they almost got caught doing something naughty 😆

Chapter 67 - I became the Male Lead’s Adopted Daughter · 2023-01-30T07:12:38Z


Is that a yes shes legal or a no

Chapter 79 - Solo Leveling · 2023-01-30T07:11:59Z

Mr. JimJam

Probably the same reason the griffin attacked his altar the skeletons got attract to the under ground altar.

Chapter 52 - Dungeon Reset · 2023-01-30T07:11:46Z


Damn kid you're really going all out

Chapter 7 - Relife Player · 2023-01-30T07:10:06Z


Ok dude the situation is messed up

Chapter 6 - Relife Player · 2023-01-30T07:07:48Z


Its okay sis
I m still straight myself

Chapter 44 - Let's Hide My Little Brother · 2023-01-30T07:05:30Z


This concept is quite interesting
Whatever you do the casualties will remain the same huh

Chapter 5 - Relife Player · 2023-01-30T07:04:50Z

Dito Destoni

Luckily i didn't overlook panel 5. Was about to send it to my family. Would have been awkward.

Chapter 8 - Having finished her lifelong revenge, Ms. Dark Elf has too much free time · 2023-01-30T07:01:10Z