Tajima Sho-U's Series

Manga of the Dead - 8 chapter(s)

A collection of eight Zombie related oneshots by several authors.

And I Love Her by Katsuya Terada
What would it be like to live a life with a zombie grandmother in the basement?

Dead and Fail to Die by Hitoshi Kino
Story about a special section of police in a city plagued by an outbreak of a deadly disease.

Children Living with Corpses by Uguisu Sachiko
In a Japan, where zombies are lurking in streets, the small Mika and Makoto are still human unlike their parents that day after day become more and more hungry.

Zombie by Shimada Toranosuke
During a meeting of former classmates a person reports that their old friend is dead, and that during the wake hid body has disappeared.

Forest of Spirits by Hokazono Masaya
A story of how a young student helps his professor revive his dead wife.

Zombie Boy by Hiromoto Shinichi
Shows us the adventures of an unemployed guy who gets a job as a janitor and finds himself chasing zombies.

Fight of of the Living Dead by Koizumi Tomohiro
During a martial arts fight one of the fighters feels ill and vomits; taken to the hospital, he confided to his friend that he had been bitten by a zombie.

Organic Human Solution Organogel by Fukao Atsushi
Year 2073 - Terrorism has spread everywhere and with it biological weapons. In this scenario, a healthy girl goes in search of hear father from whom she was separated, revealing a horrible truth.

Includes illustrations by Hiroe Rei, Samura Hiroaki and Matsumoto Jiro.

Robot - 21 chapter(s)

Robot is a series of books containing the art of various Asian artists, created by Range Murata.

Range Murata's "Robot Volume One"
Chronological Release Order:

1. Sho-u Tajima: Angels at the Planetarium
2. Mami Itou: Carogna
3. Yoshitoshi Abe: Wasteland
4. Miggy: Dream of the Empty Cage
5. Haccan: Eventyr
6. Makoto Kobayashi: Dragon's Heaven
7. Yu Kinutani: Angels
8. Ugetsu Hakua: Primary Color Book
9. Mie Nekoi: Clash! - Revenge of Hunk Kung Fu vs. Ugly Kung Fu - Find a Groom!
10. Okama: Oputon
11. Shigeki Maeshima: Dragon Fly
In an future apocalyptic world the church once again has regained power, but not to do good, but to serve evil. Cloned priests, called "dragon fly" of the kirihito church use their power, however a shinigami has appeared to stop them and reclaim her past...
12. Kei Sanbe: Moonlight
13. Yasuto Miura: Biting Summer Play
14. Range Murata: Groundpass Drive
15. Hiroyuki Asada: Pez & Hot Strawberry
16. Sabe: There Goes Suzume Robo!!
17. Shin Nagasawa: Sedouka
18. YUG: Hemohemo
19. Hanaharu Naruco: Picnic
20. Suzuhito Yasuda: Ebony & Ivory
21. Robot Volume One

Volume 2:
1. Dragon Fly Ch.2 – MAESHIMA Shigeki (22 page manga)
2. Ebony & Ivory Ch.2 – YASUDA Suzuhito (10 page manga)
3. There Goes Suzume Robo!! – Sabe (4 page manga)
4. Wasteland Ch.2 – YOSHITOSHI ABe (18 page manga)
5. Flowers – MAEDA Hirotaka (8 page manga)
6. Stars and Blue – Miggy (7 pages of themed illustrations)
7. Pez & Dekosuke – ASADA Hiroyuki (1 short comic and illustration fold-out)
8. “Velvet” Monochrome Version – TAJIMA Sho-U (1 spread illustration)
9. Sedouka Ch.2 – NAGASAWA Shin (10 page manga)
10. Delicious Adventures – YUG (4 page manga)
11. House of Fish – Teikoku Shounen (3 page manga, 1 spread illustration)
12. The Depths of November – MIURA Yasuto (8 page manga)
13. Eventyr -What The Diamond Discovered- – HACCAN (9 page story w/ inset illustrations)
14. The Oni Smiles When You Mention Next Year – NEKOI Mie (6 page manga)
15. Witch’s Stipulation – DOWMAN SAYMAN (8 page manga)
16. Within The Mirror – SANBE Kei (8 page manga)
17. Untitled – MURATA Range (2 illustrations; landing page and exit page)

Brothers - 22 chapter(s)

Two brothers, Shunpei and Kyouhei, have very opposite characters but share a crush on their cute sister Anko. The three of them live with their excentric father, may (or may not) have diffferent mothers, have fun, lots of tantrums and try to lead a happy life in junior high school.

From Omanga:

Eiji Otsuka and Sho-u Tajima at it again, Eiji in a much more minor role this time, however. In any case, this a relatively older and short comedy series (4 volumes) that should be a fun break from their usual mayhem with MPD (Multiple Personality/Dissociative Identity Disorder) .

In 1994, this manga was published as a whole under title "BROTHERS High School".
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