Kanojo mo Kanojo

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    Ella También Es Mi Novia ; Ella, y También Ella ; Girlfriend and Girlfriend ; Her, and Also Her ; Novia y Novia ; Poniendo Cuernos De Manera Justa ; She is also my Girlfriend ; Two-Timing Fair and Square ; カノジョも彼女
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    Chapter 28
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A story from the creator of Aho Girl, and Mangaka-san to Assistant-san. High school boy Naoya gets a confession from Momi, a cute and friendly girl. However, Naoya already has a girlfriend, Seki... but Momi is too good a catch to let go. Momi and Naoya's goal becomes clear: convince Seki to accept being an item with the two of them. Will she budge?

28 Chapter(s)