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Distance Between Us

Distance Between Us - Update chap 14

9 hours ago
“I wanna graduate so I don’t have to see him ever again..”. Under the blue sky, Hyunwoo’s youth spins in a circle. Same class, next seat in the bus, and his bright smile. The smallest things take quite a strain at Hyunwoo’s heart, seeking for jealousy and dictatorship. Wanting to get closer, but still keeping the distance. Why is love so complicated? As well as today, the distance between Hyunwoo and Chanhee stay the same as ever.
For Your Love

For Your Love - Update chap 48

16 hours ago
Through his older brother’s experiences, Jung Yohan already knows how a gay, unrequited love can miserably end. Determined to save his club senior from that same fate, he aims to help him in his quest for love. But being a Cupid isn’t as easy as it sounds.
Xuan Ji Ci

Xuan Ji Ci - Update chap 34, 35, 36

16 hours ago
This is surely a story you've never thought of! The cartoon’s main character is called Yuan Xin. She’s an otaku who likes to immerse herself in a fantasy world. She, who likes to look at hot guys--after embarrassing herself in front of them in the school yard, decides to retaliate. Unexpectedly, during the crucial moment, an accident happened, and she crossed over to the game world!
In The Sunroom

In The Sunroom - 1 chapter(s)

21 hours ago
In December of 1970 Takemiya published a short story, "In the Sunroom" (in Bessatsu Shojo Komikku) which is possibly the first shonen-ai manga published and contains the earliest known male-male kiss in shōjo manga.

The manga volume consists of five shorter stories:

- Sunroom Nite (In the Sunroom, 1970)
- Hohoemu Shounen (The Laughing Boy, 1972)
- 20 no Hiru to Yoru (20 Days and Nights, 1973)
- Star! (1974)
- Mister no Kotori (The Mr.'s Baby Bird, 1975)
Chemistry has "Reactions"

Chemistry has "Reactions" - Update chap 25

1 day ago
"One boy upset over his soft, cute appearance. The other boy, because of that boy's pretty and cute appearance, deliberately provokes and fans his anger to reveal his own Masochistic traits. What will happen between them?"
Kyou Kara Omega ni Narimashita.

Kyou Kara Omega ni Narimashita. - Update chap 4

2 days ago
Ordinary university student Kanade is a Beta. He secretly holds feelings for his neighbor and childhood friend Munechika. However, in this world, the typical trend is for an alpha and omega, and two betas to pair up. Because of that, Kanade thinks he’s not a match for Munechika who’s an Alpha, and stays with him as a friend. However, one day, Kanade feels a weird discomfort in his body…
Gakkou no Sensei

Gakkou no Sensei - Update chap 32

Jan-16-2019 @ 20:33
From Aerandria Scans:

In the morning of his first day of work, novice teacher Tada Haruyuki got into trouble with the principal... and he got fired immediately! On the day that he was finally appointed to another position, he encounters a little boy with round eyes on a snowy mountain road. The little boy shows him the way to his new school, but no matter how he looks at it, the school seems weird?! What exactly is waiting for Haru here?!
Ishi No Kokoro

Ishi No Kokoro - 2 chapter(s)

Jan-16-2019 @ 13:35
Over 20 generations ago an army of soldiers, monks and alchemists gave their lives to seal away one of the world’s darkest secrets. In order to protect humanity, their souls were woven together to create a barrier, and their bodies turned to stone - preserved in time for their souls to return to should the barrier ever be broken. However the price was not paid by them alone- Now, centuries later, 4 youngsters variously affected by the curse, unwittingly stumble into this mystery...
Here U Are

Here U Are - Update chap 66

Jan-16-2019 @ 06:13
Receptioning the newcomers is a task for YuYang, and he ends up helping the unsociable and towering LiHuan, the kind of person that does everything to be disliked. But after better knowing each other, he discovers that the giant isn't that bad of a person at all ...
Finally Living Together with my Anti-Fan

Finally Living Together with my Anti-Fan - Update chap 39

Jan-16-2019 @ 02:36
Popular idol Juna is forced to leave the group due to a homosexual scandal. Half a year later, he enters campus as "Han JunRan", a university student. However, by a twist of fate, his roommate turns out to be his number one anti-fan!? Living together with his anti-fan will turn out to be a complicated experience...
Special Relationship Law

Special Relationship Law - Update chap 15

Jan-15-2019 @ 21:06
Facing this misguided fate, Zai Min, Yong Zhu and Si Xian are all struggling in order to defend their love between each other. Who can tell them exactly what is the law to maintaining this relationship of theirs?
Hidamari ga Kikoeru

Hidamari ga Kikoeru - Update chap 24

Jan-15-2019 @ 13:04
The story starts with college student Taichi, who comes from a not-so-well-off household and is desperately searching for work. He (literally) stumbles across fellow student Kouhei while on a job hunt, and is incredibly enticed by the delicious bento Kouhei has in hand. However, something seems a bit off about Kouhei and when Taichi consults his friends about it, he gets an answer he really wasn't expecting: Kouhei is severely hearing impaired.

Hidamari ga Kikoeru - Limit
College student, Kouhei is hard of hearing and so he distances himself from those around him. He then meets Taiichi, a classmate who's got a bright personality and speaks his mind. "It's not your fault that you can't hear." When Taiichi speaks these words, Kouhei is suddenly saved by those words... More than friends. Less than lovers. His meeting with Taiichi will change him.

In the series:
Vol. 1 - Hidamari ga Kikoeru
Vol. 2 - Hidamari ga Kikoeru - Koufuku Hen (Theory of Happiness)
Vol. 3 - Hidamari ga Kikoeru - Limit
I Will Be Waiting for You in 1999*

I Will Be Waiting for You in 1999* - Update chap 27

Jan-15-2019 @ 02:03
The sad growing-up story of a pair of orphans dependent on each other. "I want to protect you forever and ever, because we have no other loved ones in this world"
A Pair of Otakus

A Pair of Otakus - Update chap 8

Jan-14-2019 @ 22:06
As a result of getting addicted to an MMORPG during exam times, high school 2nd year Xiao Nan is moved back to the normal courses.On the first day of school he goes to his new class, unexpectedly meeting his childhood friend, Su Luo, who he hasn't talked with for 10 years.What will happen between these 2 boys united by a common interest?
Courting a Prince

Courting a Prince - Update chap 1

Jan-14-2019 @ 22:04
A genius student that is ignorant to the ways of Boys Love.
A sister with aspirations of becoming a BL mangaka that wants to use her younger brother’s writing and make her characters come to life.
Wait; there was actually a dreamy prince-like boy that resembles the lead character in real life?!
Ao ni Naku

Ao ni Naku - Update chap 5

Jan-14-2019 @ 19:05
A young man finds an amnesiac guy who's dressed like a pilot, and a (rather confusing) sequence of events begins to unfold.
Whale Ears

Whale Ears - Update chap 5

Jan-13-2019 @ 17:36
This is a story about music, friendship, love, and growth. We choose a life that we want and pledged an oath. Never giving up to look for dream's heaven.
Ji Ye and Guan Shan

Ji Ye and Guan Shan - Update chap 21

Jan-13-2019 @ 15:33
This is a heartwarming story that tugs at your heart. Ji Ye is a fine arts student in his third year who is dating his teacher, Guan Shan, 16 years his senior. However, after three years of dating, their relationship slowly turns stale and boring, and the two start facing problems of anger and jealousy as Ji Ye considers breaking up and Guan Shan starts suffering from mid-life crisis.
Bottomless Swamp (BookCube Version)

Bottomless Swamp (BookCube Version) - Update chap 4, 5

Jan-13-2019 @ 00:36
A high school boy crosses paths with a hungry vampire who ends up enrolled in his school and entangled in his heart.
Crossing the Boundary - Twins

Crossing the Boundary - Twins - Update chap 44, 45

Jan-12-2019 @ 23:33
Curiosity led Luo Wei to explore the forbidden cave on his school grounds. There, he discovered a pair of mysterious twins fleeing a plague. Little did he know that the cave is a portal to another world — and that things are not as simple as the twins make them out to be.

The original webcomic can be found here.
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