Shounen Ai Manga (973)
Cinema Next Door

Cinema Next Door - Update chap 3, 4

23 hours ago
The walls are thin, and it's hard not to know what your neighbor is up to, especially when they cry loudly every time they watch a movie.
Code: Leviathan

Code: Leviathan - Update chap 24

1 day ago
A parallel world fantasy of the kin of dragons - the curtain opens!! What exists at the ends of the earth - one day, a child of the water dragons meets...?!
Here U Are

Here U Are - Update chap 73

1 day ago
Receptioning the newcomers is a task for YuYang, and he ends up helping the unsociable and towering LiHuan, the kind of person that does everything to be disliked. But after better knowing each other, he discovers that the giant isn't that bad of a person at all ...
Finally Living Together with my Anti-Fan

Finally Living Together with my Anti-Fan - Update chap 44

2 days ago
Popular idol Juna is forced to leave the group due to a homosexual scandal. Half a year later, he enters campus as "Han JunRan", a university student. However, by a twist of fate, his roommate turns out to be his number one anti-fan!? Living together with his anti-fan will turn out to be a complicated experience...
Hey, Your Cat Ears are Showing!

Hey, Your Cat Ears are Showing! - Update chap 36

2 days ago
Daisuu is a manhua artist who has been grew up in a nursing home. He lives a lonely and boring life everyday without any interactions with others. One day, mysterious Myou, who has cat ears, appears and changed Daisuu's life. Even though Myou always causes trouble, Daisuu's heart is filled with warmth that he never experience in his lonely life. This is an everyday comical life between Myou and Daisuu, as well as revealing mystery revolving Myou gradually.
Gakkou no Sensei

Gakkou no Sensei - Update chap 36

2 days ago
From Aerandria Scans:

In the morning of his first day of work, novice teacher Tada Haruyuki got into trouble with the principal... and he got fired immediately! On the day that he was finally appointed to another position, he encounters a little boy with round eyes on a snowy mountain road. The little boy shows him the way to his new school, but no matter how he looks at it, the school seems weird?! What exactly is waiting for Haru here?!
Xuan Ji Ci

Xuan Ji Ci - Update chap 47

2 days ago
This is surely a story you've never thought of! The cartoon’s main character is called Yuan Xin. She’s an otaku who likes to immerse herself in a fantasy world. She, who likes to look at hot guys--after embarrassing herself in front of them in the school yard, decides to retaliate. Unexpectedly, during the crucial moment, an accident happened, and she crossed over to the game world!

Flatlay - 1 chapter(s)

Mar-19-2019 @ 01:33
'Chris Oh' who became Top Star Cheon Jaesung's stylist one morning, meets him for the first time with huge expectations. However, unlike his screen image, he doesn't know a thing about fashion! To teach him about fashion Chris goes to his house and he discovers something very surprising...?
Soon, Chris learns about Jaesung's secret and now his heart won't stop pounding.
Last Paradise

Last Paradise - Update chap 27

Mar-18-2019 @ 16:32
This is a story about Myunghan, who has just entered high school, Sihoo, his childhood friend, Seungchan, who suddenly appears between the two, and the strange triangle that develops between the three of them.
The Priest's Chart

The Priest's Chart - Update chap 97, 98, 99

Mar-18-2019 @ 07:41
Edward, a young priest, meets a veteran who's under a vicious curse. Before very long he finds himself falling in love, and makes a vow to save and protect Cliff no matter what.
My Wife is a Man

My Wife is a Man - Update chap 23

Mar-18-2019 @ 03:31
The manga follows the daily lives of Kou, a slightly quirky man, and his wife, Yukio (often called Yuki), who is a cross dressing man. Read as this married couple handles the trouble that comes with cross dressing in modern Japanese society.
Tittle Tattle

Tittle Tattle - 1 chapter(s)

Mar-18-2019 @ 00:31
Contains side stories for Mizuiro to Pinku, Sore kara Daidai and Oboreru Koi no Itade.
Special Relationship Law

Special Relationship Law - Update chap 23

Mar-17-2019 @ 21:04
Facing this misguided fate, Zai Min, Yong Zhu and Si Xian are all struggling in order to defend their love between each other. Who can tell them exactly what is the law to maintaining this relationship of theirs?
Whale Ears

Whale Ears - Update chap 15

Mar-17-2019 @ 13:02
This is a story about music, friendship, love, and growth. We choose a life that we want and pledged an oath. Never giving up to look for dream's heaven.
For Your Love

For Your Love - Update chap 56

Mar-16-2019 @ 13:03
Through his older brother’s experiences, Jung Yohan already knows how a gay, unrequited love can miserably end. Determined to save his club senior from that same fate, he aims to help him in his quest for love. But being a Cupid isn’t as easy as it sounds.
19 Days

19 Days - Update chap 279

Mar-16-2019 @ 06:34
The cute and funny relationship between a boy and his best friend.

«One Day» — strips from Old Xian about her characters from the collection manhua of «19 Days».
The Monsoon In June

The Monsoon In June - Update chap 2

Mar-16-2019 @ 04:35
Seungwoon has decided that it's time to leave his lonely days behind to adopt a newer more cheerful Highschool life which is when he meets Hae-in. The two are seemingly different but Seungwoon can't help but be drawn to him. Throw in monsoon, fights, and the task of growing up, will their friendship survive?
I Want to Spoil Ikurou-san

I Want to Spoil Ikurou-san - Update chap 2

Mar-15-2019 @ 22:04
The stoic guy in the black suit is a dork who likes sweets?
As a manager in a fancy cake cafe "Kuma Purin," I was told that liking manly things does not suit me. One day, this mysterious man with eyes like a killer came in front of my shop... It turned out he is a total opposite of myself!
I Will Be Waiting for You in 1999*

I Will Be Waiting for You in 1999* - Update chap 30

Mar-14-2019 @ 22:01
The sad growing-up story of a pair of orphans dependent on each other. "I want to protect you forever and ever, because we have no other loved ones in this world"

Jareai - 1 chapter(s)

Mar-14-2019 @ 20:35
A story of the wholesome, light-hearted banter and love between two otherworldly creatures.
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