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Undead + Unluck - Update chapter 12

1 day ago
As an UNLUCKY girl prepares to face her death, an UNDEAD who desperately wants to die appears before her! Vicious, violent and buck naked! An unprecedented picaresque hero appears in Shonen Jump!

Slow Loop - Update chapter 5

1 day ago
A girl-meets-girl fishing manga planned for serialization in Manga Time Kirara Forward.

Boku no Chi de Yokereba - Update chapter 3

Fed up with her NEET attitude, a vampire debutante's parents send her out in the human world where she must earn her own food

Pochiyama at the Pharmacy - Update chapter 3

Pochiyama-san works at a local pharmacy. She is a loner and seldom speaks; instead she writes what she wants to say.

Abe is on an inconsistent schedule with this series, probably one chapter every half a year.

Transferred to another world, but I'm saving the world of an Otome game!? - Update chapter 1 -> 2

A two-part one-shot about a guy accidentally transported to an Otome game by his sister. To get out, he needs to clear a love route, but he tries his best to find another way.

Oni - 1 chapter(s)

1. Oni: 2889-nen no Hanran
Story that recreates the origin of the Oni in ancient Japan.

2. Kyuuketsuki-gari

3. Susumu-chan Dai-shock

Please Don't Bully Me, Nagatoro Comic Anthology - Update chapter 3

Anthology from various doujin artists about Nagatoro and Senpai keeping to the theme of Nagatoro teasing Senpai and sometimes it backfiring on her.

Virgin Pink Scandal - Update chapter 2, 3

A backstage worker is confessed to by a famous actor.

Hiiragi-sensei wa Kyoushi Shikkaku!? - 2 chapter(s)

Junichi Miyakawa's special. A rookie who won the BG Manga Award.
One-shot 24 pages (Ch 1,2)
"The teacher so strict is loving to me"
A man's dreams captured in 24 pages, with a power in his drawing to break the heavens.

Maou-sama to Kekkonshitai - Update chapter 5

The demon queen quite by chance saves Haru, a young human boy about to be sold as a slave, and takes him back to be her attendant.

Some years later, a bored demon queen asks our now fully grown and handsome Haru what else she has left to do. "Marriage", Haru replies.

A heart-pounding love comedy between an innocent demon queen and her servant.

Ten Ten Shiro Shiro - Update chapter 7

Masato, adoptive son of the Kuwabara household, has always been surrounded by prosperity... Until one day the head of the family brings home a child named Kenta. Drowning as he is in the despair of having outlived his purpose, Masato still doesn't fail to notice the undue attention the master has started paying Kenta...

Tsutsui Manga Tokuhon Futatabi - 2 chapter(s)

Comics based on stories by Yasutaka Tsutsui (science fiction author who previously wrote The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Paprika). Two volumes long.

Jouzetsuna Yubi - Update chapter 4, 5, 6

1-2) Urahara to Jirenma
University freshman Tachibana Akeru hasn't had any friends or lovers, because people always assume what they like 'cos he has a beautiful face. One night when he's caught in a fight, Nishida Kimihiko saves him and asks if Akeru would like to live in the same apartment building as he and his two friends.

3) Yumiya no Tokushuu na Nichijou
Spin-off of the title story about the bodyguards.

4) Power of Love!
After meeting up in a fight, Naohisa is dragged to classmate Uno's house. There he meets Uno's father, a man who is more than he seems...

5) Please Give Me!
Continuation of Power of Love!

6) Jouzetsuna Yubi
Rendered deaf in a motorcycle accident, Tooru has trouble coming to terms with his new situation. One night he is scared by Tsukahara, an erotic novelist lost in the neighborhood, when he asks Tooru for help. Coming across him again, Tsukahara decides to be friendly as an apology.

Black Outsider - Update chapter 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

A collection of stories:

1. Black Outsider
Amano bumps into his crush Takase for the first time since high school almost 20 years ago. They go out for a drink but, a lovers spat knocks out Amano. When he wakes up he finds himself in high school again!

1.5. BurnOut
Black Outsider extra

2-5. Dorobou to Hatsukoi (A Thief and First Love)
Tachibana Yutaka has a face-to-face encounter with his guilty past when he runs into his high school crush Momoi. But Momoi has a secret too, and has no intention of letting Tachibana run away.

6. Dorobou to Destroyer

6.5. Dorobou to Hatsukoi Extras

Ienai Itami o Daite Iru - Update chapter 2

Shun and his older brother have a little strange relationship...WARNING: CONTAINS INCESTKoganei's story "Kusatta Rasen" and also "Ayaui Kyouen" in which the Makino brothers appear can be found in the main series -Rakuda Tsukai to Ouji no Yoru( )

Boku dake no Kimi, Kimi dake no Boku - Update chapter 3

1-2) Yuuwaku Sentiment (Alluring Sentiment)
Tsukihara, vice-principal of a high school, is having an issue going about doing his everyday job. That issue being, Subaru Hoshino, an A+ student, and vice-president of the student council... a ''good'' boy... at least when in the presence of his teachers and fellow classmates.

But good ol' Hoshino has a rather naughty and possessive side that only Tsukihara knows. Hoshino, on a daily basis, has been harshly violating the confused and hurt Tsukihara. For no other reason but to fulfill his own sexual agenda. Or is there another reason for Hoshino to demand that his vice-principal spread his legs? Is Tsukihara wrong in thinking that his student hates him?

What will be the result of this dangerous 'one-sided relationship'?

The 2nd part to this story deals with Shin (Subaru's twin brother & the student council president) as he tries to progress in his relationship with the school counselor (Hanada-sensei).

3) Mogura to Taiyou (The Mole And The Sun)
College student Masaru keeps his distance from his neighbor Hiroyuki, so the sexy model won't know how much Masaru likes him. But after a chance encounter, Hiroyuki won't leave him alone!

4) Boku dake no Kimi, Kimi dake no Boku
A selfish young model treats coworkers and lovers badly but cherishes his honest childhood friend.

5) Tenshi no Kokuhaku (Angel's Confession)
Yuuya's parents are always fighting or out of town. When he gets locked outside on a cold winter's night, he's saved by his neighbor Moegi. Soon he's spending most of his time at his "angel's" and has fallen in love with him. But how does Moegi feel about him?

6) Koi no Jikan (Time for Love)
Mamoru & Ryuuichi have been together for 10 years, and they think their relationship is solid... but then each begins to wonder if his partner is as content and satisfied with him as he seems.

Omake 1: Doryoku no Jikan (Time for Efforts)

Omake 2: Shiawase na Koto wa (Case of Happiness)


Kanojo wa Mizumizushii - 2 chapter(s)

A guy with dry hands meets a moist girl.

Toriyama Akira Mankan Zenseki - 2 chapter(s)

A two-volume bunkoban series of Toriyama's short works, entitled Toriyama Akira Mankan Zenseki.

This version, while omitting several one-shots from Manga Theater, includes the two-chapter Alien X-Peke (1996), published after the end of Dragon Ball, as well as the full-color seinen manga Lady Red (1987).

The second volume also includes "The Anime and Me" (1989), a full-color autobiographical strip from the first Dragon Ball Z Anime Special magazine, as well as a new afterword by the author.

The Story of a Rare Monster and a Worthless Girl - 2 chapter(s)

What happens when the rarest of rare meets someone who might be even less than ordinary?

The Female Knight and The Barbarians - 1 chapter(s)

A story about a female knight captured by barbarians.
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