One shot Manga (2622)
Relative Narcissism

Relative Narcissism - 1 chapter(s)

20 hours ago
Tamaki lives his ordinary live as he sees fits until stumbling upon a mirror...
Heart and Feather

Heart and Feather - 1 chapter(s)

2 days ago
ZiQi and XiaoQiu are two people who have found true love with one another. Yet for what reason can they not be together? Perhaps heaven holds the answer.
School Zone (Mengo Yokoyari)

School Zone (Mengo Yokoyari) - 1 chapter(s)

Jan-16-2019 @ 21:01
A short, coming-of-age story of a middle school student named Yu.
Sayu byoudou shugi

Sayu byoudou shugi - 1 chapter(s)

Jan-11-2019 @ 13:40
Manager of the basketball club · Kamio who unwillingly knows Kitano. I accidentally touched her breasts on the way back home train … · · · What is wrong with him …?
Is It Okay For Me To Expect This!?

Is It Okay For Me To Expect This!? - 1 chapter(s)

Jan-10-2019 @ 02:38
Suzuki has been addicted to anal masturbation after watching a gay AV by mistake in high school. The rumor that “a tall man is also has a big dick” has made him become anxious about a tall colleague!
Tsubakisaka Tricolor

Tsubakisaka Tricolor - Update chap 1

Jan-08-2019 @ 05:39
Tzubakisaki High School is an extremely strict girls high school. This year, the school has banned all students from going to annual festival, and two of the girls have promised a date to their boyfriends/crush!
Ultra Super Deluxe Man

Ultra Super Deluxe Man - 1 chapter(s)

Jan-06-2019 @ 20:02
Of Doraemon fame, Fujiko F Fujio asks what the world would be like if super powers belonged to a less-than-ideal superhero, Kuraku Kento.
Burn Parents

Burn Parents - 1 chapter(s)

Jan-06-2019 @ 19:31
Everyone has the right to have a family.
But does everyone have the right to CHOOSE FAMILY? or TO NOT HAVE a family?
My Girlfriend is a Crossdresser

My Girlfriend is a Crossdresser - 1 chapter(s)

Jan-04-2019 @ 18:36
Winner of the MORNING September 2018 Newcomer Excellence Award, Hina Rutarou presents a modern love story about a high school LGBTQ couple, Makoto and Yuuko, and Makoto's classmate, Miki who appeared before them.

Rairaiden - 1 chapter(s)

Jan-02-2019 @ 05:03
A young, large-breasted ninja girl is captured while trying to steal a legendary sword. In the prison cell, she meets the true owner of the sword, Raikoumaru! Working together, maybe they can break out and reclaim the sword from the powerful collector, Asano!
Aoi-kun is a Suicidal Girl (♂)

Aoi-kun is a Suicidal Girl (♂) - 1 chapter(s)

Jan-01-2019 @ 05:35
A guy gains a younger step-brother named Aoi after his mom remarries, only to discover later that Aoi enjoys cross-dressing.
Dancing Heihou Hehou

Dancing Heihou Hehou - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-31-2018 @ 20:08
Heihou Hehou joins the dancing army he once admired, but quickly comes to find it has completely changed.
Love in Motion

Love in Motion - Update chap 2, 3, 4

Dec-27-2018 @ 06:10
Super sadistic gay high school student and a kind teacher.
Kilroy Was Here

Kilroy Was Here - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-27-2018 @ 03:39
They showed up out of nowhere. Graffiti that moved as if they were alive. People started calling them the "living pictures" and they started getting praised and sold for high prices. The origins are unknown and no one knows who said it first, but people say they are being created by someone named "Kilroy".

Enter Suzume, a young artist who aspires to create great art just like Kilroy but has been struggling to do so. One night, her everyday life takes a sudden turn as she comes across none other than Kilroy himself.
Sentimental Beach Side

Sentimental Beach Side - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-27-2018 @ 02:39
A lonely girl named Nanami loses her only companionship, her beloved cat. To try and move on from this terrible phase in her life, she tries to go to a resort to relax, but its not working at all, with the pain of loss still very much alive inside of her. Until, she meets a woman that greatly reminds her of what she once lost...
10-nen gou ni Agatta, Ano Hi no Ame

10-nen gou ni Agatta, Ano Hi no Ame - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-26-2018 @ 21:36
Hidden feelings overflowing on a rainy day after 10 years.
Oseyo, Hatsukoi

Oseyo, Hatsukoi - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-26-2018 @ 21:03
Fluffy shoujo one shot. Has christmas.
Trans Boy

Trans Boy - Update chap 2

Dec-26-2018 @ 02:02
From PopulationGO

Sorato Kenzaki is an ordinary boy whom attracts not so ordinary women. He constantly gets confesses to by weird, and often dangerous, girls. So when a rich ojou-sama asks him to become a hero he plays along and agrees. But lo and behold he actually gets transformed into a superhero!

Awayuki - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-25-2018 @ 16:20
A sweet and short Oneshot perfect for the Holidays.
Esora Hikouki

Esora Hikouki - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-24-2018 @ 05:38
A one shot about a boy that have trouble making friends.
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