4 koma Manga (104)
Nyanko Days

Nyanko Days - Update chap 7, 8, 9

2 days ago
It's an everyday life of a shy girl called Tomoko Konagai and three "cats" Maa, Roo, Shii. These cats are girls with cats' ears and can speak human language.
Crazy Convenience Store

Crazy Convenience Store - Update chap 4

2 days ago
"Crazy Convenience Store" is a comedy manhua for all audiences. It is great for destressing, laughing and reflecting together. Each and every one of the small stories will make you want to go back and reread it multiple times. The more you think about them, the more interesting they become. Items of daily use, that can be found everywhere, are the main characters of the convenience stor(i)e(s). This comedy manhua is relatable, funny and pack(ag)ed with wit and education.
Kawaii Joushi wo Komarasetai

Kawaii Joushi wo Komarasetai - Update chap 37

Mar-19-2019 @ 07:31
After drinking too much at a company party, the serious and shy 30-something Ira Megumi finds herself waking up naked in bed next to a younger coworker, Aoki Shun. What happened with Aoki the previous night? And perhaps more importantly, what does she want to happen with Aoki in the future?
Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project "GALAXY DAYS"

Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project "GALAXY DAYS" - 1 chapter(s)

Mar-19-2019 @ 03:47
A comedy 4-koma manga that reimagines the monstrous kaiju from Ultraman as adorable high school girls!
Toshishita No Senpai-chan Ni Wa, Maketakunai.

Toshishita No Senpai-chan Ni Wa, Maketakunai. - Update chap 8

Mar-18-2019 @ 16:33
The story of an ordinary college student's interactions with his senpai at work, who happens to be in highschool.
High School Inari Tamamo-chan!

High School Inari Tamamo-chan! - Update chap 34, 35

Mar-18-2019 @ 07:46
Tamamo says she’s a transfer student from Kyoto, but her true identity is an Inari from the Fushimi Inari Shrine! Most adults see her as a beautiful young girl, but her classmates see her for what she really is, which they keep underwraps as they interact with her in this heartfelt comedy manga!
Satoko & Nada

Satoko & Nada - Update chap 166, 167, 168, 169, 170, 171, 172, 173, 174, 175

Mar-17-2019 @ 16:37
A story of cultural exchange between a Japanese and Saudi Arabian, who both share a room at an American University.
Hokenshitsu no Tsumuri-san

Hokenshitsu no Tsumuri-san - Update chap 20

Mar-17-2019 @ 06:03
Katakura Tsumuri is the school nurse who runs the high school's infirmary... which is good, because she's the one who needs to make use of it the most. Tsumuri has a weak constitution, and constantly tires herself out or faints from doing her day-to-day job. It doesn't help that she's also a space cadet and lazy at heart, so when she's not asleep in the infirmary's bed, she's got it covered in snacks and games. Her younger brother, Kouta, is a student at the school and spends plenty of his free time assisting his sister and unwillingly rescuing her from the demands of adulthood.
K-ON! Shuffle

K-ON! Shuffle - Update chap 8

Mar-15-2019 @ 16:32
Sakuma Yukari decided to start a band on her own after seeing a certain band during the Sakura High School festival, then with her best friend Shimizu Kaede, they want to join the Light Music Club only to discover that in their school there isn't a club like that. With help from Sawabe Maho, they discover there is a Light Music Appreciation Society with only one member, Satou Riko.
Boku no Nee-san

Boku no Nee-san - Update chap 5

Mar-14-2019 @ 05:02
A spin-off of Little President, featuring former delinquent Aihara Masane, her step-brother Jun, and her step-mother Chitose. Most of the humour comes from how Masane and Jun are madly in love with each other but can't figure out how to express it, and how Chitose is probably more OK with this than she should be.
Azur Lane 4-koma: Slow Ahead

Azur Lane 4-koma: Slow Ahead - Update chap 25

Mar-11-2019 @ 14:00
Azur Lane official 4-koma webcomic.
I'm Sorry. Princess Knight Teacher (Webcomic)

I'm Sorry. Princess Knight Teacher (Webcomic) - Update chap 6

Mar-11-2019 @ 04:32
Sexy female knight from a fantasy world becomes a teacher at a Japanese High School.
She Hates Me

She Hates Me - Update chap 5

Mar-09-2019 @ 15:02
A subtle, yet sweet four-channel comic of a blunt, passive man and a cynical, persistent woman.
Me Ga Hana

Me Ga Hana - Update chap 7

Mar-06-2019 @ 19:39
This story is about a Kouhai who tries to cover for a Senpai who is full of openings.
Koisuru Asteroid

Koisuru Asteroid - 1 chapter(s)

Mar-06-2019 @ 03:07
Astronomy and geology is fun…!
Mira, who promised to “find an asteroid” with the boy she found at the campsite as a child.
She tried to join the astronomy club, but from this year the “astronomy club” and the “geology research society” merged into the “earth sciences club”!?
Let’s go search for the asteroid that we promised to look for that day.
I'll Start Being a Feminine Boy

I'll Start Being a Feminine Boy - 1 chapter(s)

Mar-06-2019 @ 00:02
Regular high school boy Toru Takahashi is in love with high school girl Yuri Otogane, but she’s not really into guys. Toru decides to win Yuri’s heart by embracing his feminine side so he enlists the help of one of his “girly” friends, Toranosuke Sagara, to help develop his sense of beauty...
Ocean-Colored March

Ocean-Colored March - Update chap 4, 5, 6

Mar-03-2019 @ 18:33
The story of the girls who met at Okinawa's sea.
Amane who invites her neighbor living next door Sango to the sea.
While bringing about a stormy mood, the two of them also head for the sea today!
Story of the Demon Lord Who Wants to Yuri-Marry the Hero

Story of the Demon Lord Who Wants to Yuri-Marry the Hero - 1 chapter(s)

Mar-03-2019 @ 06:38
Exactly what it says on the tin.
My Daughter is a Skeleton

My Daughter is a Skeleton - Update chap 5

Mar-01-2019 @ 06:03
A 4-koma about human parents and their skeleton daughter.
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