Valhalla Penis Mansion


Shota Iijima picked up erotic books during his childhood and suffers from a severe foreign sister fetish.

Thereafter, from the years between his age of 12 to 15, he masturbated 999 times. For his 1000th round of masturbation, he had been transferred to a different world.

And Shota is sold as a slave.

A paradise for women and hell for men… Valhalla, the penis mansion.

22 Chapter(s)
Gray Raven Squad

Well...are you learn in this 2 year?...bamboo have a grass fibrous root is one factor they're not tree..And bamboo grow faster than tree

Chapter 22 - The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King · 2022-12-09T13:06:23Z


I guess because of all the overly cute girls in a supposedly brutal figthing manga,
I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a gacha game.

Chapter 105: "Such a Wild Child" - Killing Bites · 2022-12-09T13:03:38Z

Glasses Person

He needs to take her out on a date eventually.

Chapter 63 - Murim RPG Simulation · 2022-12-09T13:03:13Z

Lord Kazutrash

He told his skil secret easily. It's like"You have wallet but I have Credit Card. I don't bring the money physically with me but I can always use the credit card to buy anything I want. Oh yeah.. Btw the password 123456" something like that. It's lucky all the girls don't have any evil idea.

Chapter 4: The Eternal Necromancer - Cheat skill "shisha sosei" ga kakusei shite inishieno maougun wo fukkatsu sasete shimaimashita ~dare mo shinasenai saikyou hiiro~ · 2022-12-09T12:58:28Z


Take a selfie
I will decide whether you are worthy or not

And bite a door handle while you are at it, so i can be sure it is really you

Chapter 3 - I’m Gonna Live with You Not Because My Parents Left Me Their Debt But Because I Like You · 2022-12-09T12:56:21Z

Hero Killer Enjoyer

I'm telling you I reread this thing like 500 times. AND I'M NOT JOKING

Chapter 24: Childhood Friends That Can't Stop - Aishiteru Game wo Owarasetai · 2022-12-09T12:56:17Z

gambling mob-ster

theres no brakes on the rape train
weres full image?

Chapter 62 - Oroka na Tenshi wa Akuma to Odoru · 2022-12-09T12:53:28Z


Oh god imagine he dies of old age, and then the next day he auto-reses in his youth again, doomed lonely immortal life

Chapter 22: It's Father! - Cheat skill "shisha sosei" ga kakusei shite inishieno maougun wo fukkatsu sasete shimaimashita ~dare mo shinasenai saikyou hiiro~ · 2022-12-09T12:50:38Z