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    Yep. I think its when he later explore the vampire town. He got many title before the god hod.

    Chapter 162: Braham Eshwald - Overgeared (Team Argo) · 2023-02-02T12:02:52Z


    Those beams were so conveniently near the fuse box...

    Gakuen Alice - Chapter 21 : Iinchou's Haunted Mansion - MangaKatana · 2023-02-02T12:02:32Z

    Miscellaneous Bastard

    it's because of the security systems in your schools wifi. if you disconnect and use LTE it should work just fine.

    Chapter 18 - I’m Not That Kind of Talent · 2023-02-02T12:00:17Z

    Miscellaneous Bastard

    I see, so the stress of killing his own family was too much and his personality split.

    Chapter 18 - I’m Not That Kind of Talent · 2023-02-02T11:57:03Z

    Anime Boi

    So basically the MC has multiple personality disorder as a coping mechanism to protect himself from the violence he undertook?

    On top of that, he was the one that killed his own parents? And his brother was acting in self defense?

    Also, did his family really abandon him? The father wasn't really "armed to the teeth" when Cruel entered the room and killed him. But then again, I mean the soldiers did state that most of the younger rich kids were sent elsewhere to avoid the war, so they were complicit.

    The backstory keeps getting more messed up as this manga progresses

    Chapter 18 - I’m Not That Kind of Talent · 2023-02-02T11:56:38Z

    Proxy Account

    Ragnarok when it hits different: Everyone gets a pet who's a Lovecraftian Old One in disguise...

    Chapter 77: The Dan-no-Uchi Horror - Gyaru and Cthulhu · 2023-02-02T11:55:39Z


    It's easy to root for Luca here since he's being openly kind to Mikan, compared Natsume who acts mean to be kind.

    Gakuen Alice - Chapter 20 : Slave Days - MangaKatana · 2023-02-02T11:55:13Z


    firefly because one soldier threw something at him which made him bright like a lightbulb and he obviously has no friend

    Chapter 64: Hidden Weapon - The Heavenly Demon Can't Live a Normal Life · 2023-02-02T11:51:29Z

    gambling mob-ster

    so best friend is into mc as well intresting
    and long hair is better

    Chapter 8: Ex-Girlfriend and Current Girlfriend - Someone's Girlfriend · 2023-02-02T11:51:24Z

    gambling mob-ster

    so his best friend was the one who ntred all of the girls that had a crussh on mc

    Chapter 7: Umimi Inami - Someone's Girlfriend · 2023-02-02T11:47:41Z


    Its to fast,,,,to fast,,,,and we waiting again for next chapter,,,,

    Chapter 64: Hidden Weapon - The Heavenly Demon Can't Live a Normal Life · 2023-02-02T11:44:24Z