This Village Sim NPC Could Only Be Human

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    I can't Help But to Think the NPCs in This Town-building Game are Human Beings ; Murazukuri Game no NPC ga Namami no Ningen to Shika Omoe Nai ; NPC Town-building Game ; 村づくりゲームのNPCが生身の人間としか思えない
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    Chapter 18.2
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An unknown parcel arrives to Yoshio, a 30-year old NEET. The content is a game disk titled “The Village of Fate.”, a beautiful CG game with real-life images.

All of the villagers in the game are high-performing AIs, who behave remarkably close to human beings. In the game Yoshio takes the role as the god of destiny and is in a position to guide the villagers. But his only options in the game are to give a message, a prophecy, once every day. The villagers will follow the instruction, and their gratitude transforms to the power of miracles, which the god of destiny can use.

Yoshio is worshiped as God but in reality he lives like a shut-in. Thanks to villagers he will again learn the joy of life and thanks to him the villagers will be saved.

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Even waaay back when Irene first got out of bed and asked to go to the training grounds, Kiril wasn't any good at expressing concern or worry for him. Hence why she usually reconciles with him through letters instead of in person.

All she knows right now is that he's been in a coma for five years. She's probably hoping to make him see reality.

Of course, she doesn't know how strong he's become.

Chapter 31 - Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble · 2021-11-27T21:25:39Z


Dude the MC is knowledgable in both adventurer stuff and apothecary stuff, so him getting poisoned by the wound would be so unrealistic, he's an apothecary he knows how serious and dangerous poison is. So imma actually be pissed if next chapter he goes "Oh damn! The wound that i knew was there and was caused by a snake, a species that is thought by the majority to be poisonous, actually had poison in it, Ah No! Now i cant move or something bleh!"

Chapter 26 - The Apothecary Is Gonna Make This Ragged Elf Happy · 2021-11-27T21:20:45Z


Ok he has enough sense and skills to kill a huge snake and is probably knowledgable on how to work as an adventurer or something similar to an adventurer PLUS he also works as an apothecary, IF THIS MAN SOMEHOW GETS POISONED BY A WOUND THAT WAS CAUSED BY A SNAKE, AN ANIMAL THAT'S MOST OF THE TIME VENOMOUS, AND DESPITE KNOWING THAT SAID WOUND IS THERE AND STILLLLLL GETS POISONED DESPITE ALL OF THOSE HUGE SIGNS then this just some sort of attempr in spicing things up,.... i very UNREALISTIC attempt must i say.

Chapter 26 - The Apothecary Is Gonna Make This Ragged Elf Happy · 2021-11-27T21:17:08Z


Was wondering if anyone would get the slime treatment

Chapter 106 - Lonely Attack on a Different World · 2021-11-27T21:15:58Z

I watch Anime

Of course the quest to resurrect HCLW is a gambling game

Chapter 303: [Season 2] Ep. 120 - Hardcore Leveling Warrior · 2021-11-27T21:08:22Z

Brandon Acevedo

This could be a misdirection. like when we thought Aoyama was a spy when he looked at Deku through his window. Hagakure could be looking at the traitor as AFO was talking about having a friend.

Chapter 335: Fledgling - Boku no Hero Academia · 2021-11-27T21:08:21Z