The Ring 3: Rasen


In this adaptation of Spiral (Rasen), the legend of Sadako's evil takes a scientific turn as Ryuji Takayama's old college friend, Mitsuo Ando, must decipher a mysterious code while investigating this strange virus that kills people after watching a video tape. Disbelief gives way to fear. Logic bends to survival. And human evolution changes drastically. What Sadako plans is not simply horror, but something much, much deeper.

6 Chapter(s)

Not really. Grooming, as I understand it, comes with an ulterior motive and purposely reshaping the victim for their own ends. This vampire isn't raising her with the motive to feed off her, and he isn't doing anything that would count as reshaping her mindset. If anything, she's the one that wants to be "eaten" due to having an unfortunate life before now and her eternal gratitude towards her benefactor.

Chapter 22: I Can't Wait for Him to Eat Me! - Please Give Me Your Blood, I Will Serve You in Gratitude · 2023-02-02T08:50:12Z



Chapter 61 - Player · 2023-02-02T08:49:11Z


guy from the series "Castle" is it?

Chapter 24 - Vigilante · 2023-02-02T08:48:06Z


ikr...getting bored real fast with goody two shoes mc who so frikkin passive and doormat

Chapter 97 - Real Man · 2023-02-02T08:45:35Z

Lê Minh Thành

did the junior really change her crush from riku to takt just because she watched him tho?

Chapter 8: Ex-Girlfriend and Current Girlfriend - Someone's Girlfriend · 2023-02-02T08:45:32Z


Was Yo-chan adapted? I can't remember. I do remember the anime, for some reason, changing the currency from yen to rabbits.

Gakuen Alice - Chapter 12 : Central Town - MangaKatana · 2023-02-02T08:42:25Z

Lê Minh Thành

wait, so the junior liked mc but after she followed his friend she started to like him? And after she was dumped now she wants to come back to mc?

Chapter 8: Ex-Girlfriend and Current Girlfriend - Someone's Girlfriend · 2023-02-02T08:41:09Z

HITLER - SAMA「✔ ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ 」

Why da fk is she so dumb !?????
sure he speak german but that does'nt mean he's on your side right? if i were the one who found her i could bet my gluck gluck 9000 that she would come with me without much of a struglle

Chapter 92: Duel - Sousei no Taiga · 2023-02-02T08:31:55Z


Reply is kinda late ^^ but wouldn t suicide normaly send you to hell? Not sure about the asian religions... but at least for christianity it would be like that

Chapter 24: The Human World [END] - Shen Ze · 2023-02-02T08:29:06Z


ikr...man its really2 scary....thx god the mc is trully an accomplished adult in mind...

Chapter 95 - Real Man · 2023-02-02T08:21:12Z


The other version of this series continues for another dozen chapters over on MANGABUDDY.

If this aggregator cant keep up, they deserve to lose readers.

They decided to concentrate on Korean and Chinese due to prolificacy.

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