The Irregular of the Royal Academy of Magic ~The Strongest Sorcerer From the Slums is Unrivaled in the School of Royals ~

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    O Irregular da Academia Real de Magia ; Oritsu Maho Gakuen no Saika-sei~ Hinkon-gai (Suramu) Agari no Saikyo Maho-Shi, Kizoku-darake no Gakuen de Muso Suru~ ; Ouritsu Mahou Gakuen no Saikasei: Slum Agari no Saikyou Mahoushi, Kizoku darake no Gakuen de Musou suru ; 王立魔法学園の最下生 ~ 貧困街上がりの最強魔法師、貴族だらけの学園で無双する ~ ; 王立魔法学園の最下生~貧困街〈スラム〉上がりの最強魔法師、貴族だらけの学園で無双する~
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    Chapter 4
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A Manga adaptation of the Light Novel "The Irregular of the Royal Academy of Magic", serialized in Weekly Young Jump.

"Magic." A sacred mystery usable only by those chosen. One day, a child from the slums named Ars finds he has the power to use magic. A sorcerer by the name of Genos Wilzard learns of his talent and raises him, turning him into the greatest of assassins. One day, Genos gives him an order: To enroll at the Magic Academy...!?

4 Chapter(s)