Starting Today She's My Childhood Friend


Yuuki, a transfer student, is Aida's neighbor, both at home and in the classroom. Aida tries to get friendly with Yuuki, but their conversations lead nowhere. On the other hand, when it comes to their situation as neighbors, Yuuki...

22 Chapter(s)

I only dropped any villainess story for a while but didn't expect that a lot of them have ended already... T-T

Chapter 104 [END] - The Antagonist's Pet · 2022-01-28T21:37:43Z


Do you ever just stop reading for a minute and appreciate the absolutely beautiful art?

Vagabond - Chapter 302 : Children of the Earth - MangaKatana · 2022-01-28T21:32:04Z


Return of the mount hua sect

Chapter 59 - Superhuman Era · 2022-01-28T21:31:57Z


which of the story the anime adapted from?

Chapter 156 - Onepunch-Man · 2022-01-28T21:30:44Z


So you're knowledgeable about this kind of genre then?
And if recommend me some mangas without harem, yaoi, yuri, stuffs like in action mangas, but with genres SOL, rom-com, preferably not stupid MC or easy to tease type?

Kono Sekai wa Tsuite iru · 2022-01-28T21:29:36Z

Sam karma

I know he was supposed to look cool with that badass entry but it was too hard not to laugh

Chapter 60 - Limit Breaker · 2022-01-28T21:29:02Z

Elroid Tiereon

I dont get the reaction of the princess.
Like, yeah, she's weak minded right now, but to scream "please dont undress me" sounds a tad forced.

Ah, I guess thats the way this story has always been...
Or rather, it might be that the original story is better explained?

Chapter 111 - Lonely Attack on a Different World · 2022-01-28T21:28:15Z

Danzel Isagre

yeah kill that "Original" Yuma, there is no rule stating that a fake cannot surpass the original.

Real Account II - Chapter 59 - MangaKatana · 2022-01-28T21:27:58Z

Danzel Isagre

oh kurwa... i kinda feel bad for her but It's still her fault for not believing the MC but Who can blame her?

Real Account II - Chapter 57 - MangaKatana · 2022-01-28T21:24:08Z


that is the only thing that cannot be granted

Chapter 24: Imperial Court Uproar - Her Majesty's Swarm · 2022-01-28T21:23:36Z