Shinobuna! Chiyo-chan


Chiyo is a ninja, but she's also a highschool girl in love. Follow her as she tries to confess to the boy she likes.

29 Chapter(s)

Despite her intelligence all she could do was beg and plea? Please, I've seen smart female leads and she's not that smart at all.

Chapter 9 - Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House · 2022-08-11T09:03:48Z


Mr Sloppy Seconds and his trusty stick of annihilation !

Chapter 3 - +99 Wooden Stick · 2022-08-11T08:58:11Z


I think it would greatly depend if =

1: You kinda know what your doing
2: depends on what kind of NPC you are
3:In what game you are

Chapter 89 - The Legendary Mechanic · 2022-08-11T08:57:27Z


Well reasoned! Nice to see someone who looks at things from an objective, well thought out perspective, instead of distorted through the lens of their own personal hangups. Biochemistry (or the lack of it) tends to rule such things.

Chapter 1 - Love Comedy in New Game+ · 2022-08-11T08:57:02Z

Iqbal Alif

not sure what are you into, but gws bro... xD

Chapter 128 - FFF-Class Trashero · 2022-08-11T08:55:21Z


My ass. Do you seriously think that you'd be able to think clearly when you've literally been transported to what seems like another reality? Do you think you'd be able to think clearly when you've literally just been killed, and revived again? No normal person would be able to react. Do you think that being a fucking gamer would make you able to find a solution for something like that? You're such an edgelord lol, you're saying that being a gamer is not a normal highschooler. You do know that most highschoolers play video games right? Everyone would act like a fucking mommy's boy if they were killed. Braindead take.

Chapter 6 - Knight Under Heart · 2022-08-11T08:52:52Z

Sana FL

I have a question, or maybe im just dumb.

How Lucas who was 9 star ended up asking a demigod how to become 9 star again?

Chapter 136 - The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years · 2022-08-11T08:50:44Z

The Orlando Gray

I'm still wondering why the queen decided to free Ebony specifically instead of everyone who was imprisoned.

Chapter 39 - Ebony · 2022-08-11T08:49:19Z

Im the guy who you dont know

Same bro and theres a degenerate weeb flexing here and i feel even more lonely

Chapter 124 - The Tutorial Tower's Advanced Player · 2022-08-11T08:48:09Z