Skin and Bone


A volume of four terrifyingly witty novellas. Skin and Bone: Poor Taichi is bullied incessantly at school because of her weight problem, but she undertakes a diet from hell, which leaves her nothing more than skin and bone. The Red Satchel: Haruna's deathly appearance shocks her friends when she returns to school. She disappears again, leaving only her red school satchel and its gruesome contents. Two Sisters: Young, beautiful Ms. Numata is a popluar teacher, but her outer appearance hides a ghastly truth she has kept secret since birth. Caterpillar: No one can understand Mayuko's obsession with caterpillars, but everyone at school hates her for it. She is bullied relentlessly, but knows that her destiny lies in a different place.

The Hino Horror series:
Hino Horror Volume 1: The Red Snake (赤い蛇 Akai Hebi)
Hino Horror Volume 2: The Bug Boy (毒虫小僧 Dokumushi Kozou)
Hino Horror Volume 3: Oninbo and the Bugs from Hell (地獄虫を食う! 鬼んぼ Jigoku Mushi Woku! Oninbo)
Hino Horror Volume 4: Oninbo and the Bugs from Hell 2
Hino Horror Volume 5: The Living Corpse (死肉の男 Shiniku no Otoko)
Hino Horror Volume 6: Black Cat (黒猫の眼が闇に Kuroneko no Me ga Yami ni)
Hino Horror Volume 7: The Collection (M Collection)
Hino Horror Volume 8: The Collection 2
Hino Horror Volume 9: Ghost School (Ghost School (HINO Hideshi))
Hino Horror Volume 10: Death's Reflection
Hino Horror Volume 11: Gallery of Horrors (Kyoufu Gallery)
Hino Horror Volume 12: Mystique Mandala of Hell (Kaiki! Jigoku Mandara)
Hino Horror Volume 13: Zipangu Night
Hino Horror Volume 14: Skin and Bone

5 Chapter(s)

This is much more of a delinquent manga than a harem one, but it's very good

Rokudou no Onna-tachi - MangaKatana · 2022-10-02T01:19:36Z


He's so cute in this chapter!!! I swear his facial features got softer, lol

Chapter 60 - The Villainess Is a Marionette · 2022-10-02T01:14:17Z

Devaunio Williams

How many times this man has to be told to leave the village before actually listens?

Chapter 18 - Madou no Keifu · 2022-10-02T01:13:30Z

gambling mob-ster

whats the need for the cloack?
it gets more tard with every chap

Chapter 141 - The Legendary Mechanic · 2022-10-02T01:13:29Z

Chun ∞ω∞

yes make him feel everything

Chapter 77 - Dark Mortal · 2022-10-02T01:08:13Z


I love the face he's making
you can tell he's putting everything behind the punch

Hajime no Ippo - Chapter 424 : Ultimate Punch - MangaKatana · 2022-10-02T01:07:23Z

sloth kelevra

letting your enemies go so that they can recover and come against you is often impossible to avoid. https://media.tenor.com/pFn...

Chapter 42 - Memoir Of The King Of War · 2022-10-02T01:06:20Z