Saint? No, Just a Passing Monster Tamer! ~The Completely Unparalleled Saint Travels with Fluffies~

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    Seijo-sama? Iie, Toorisugari no Mamonotsukai Desu! ~Zettai Muteki no Seijo wa Mofumofu to Tabi wo Suru~ ; 聖女さま? いいえ、通りすがりの魔物使いです! ~絶対無敵の聖女はモフモフと旅をする~
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    Chapter 12
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Synopsis from Kadokawa:

Cheats for fluff! The reincarnated Saint doesn't care about dignity!

Kanata is a girl known as the reborn "Saint". With such talent, the profession she chose is... the weakest "monster tamer"!?

Kanata, who finished her previous life alone in a hospital room, only wants to adore and become friends with fluffies all over the world! If there's a dragon aiming for fluffies in the east, it'll be punished with powerful magic, and if there's a foul smell in the west, the entire city will be purified so the fur won't smell!

When I used my cheats for fluffies, I was worshipped as a Saint by the people I accidentally saved!?

Synopsis from Niconico Seiga:

"Finally, finally... I can touch fluffies!"

Kanata is a girl known as the reborn "Saint". With such talent, the profession she chose is... the weakest "monster tamer"!?

That's right, Kanata, who reincarnated from a previous life of loneliness, has chosen to use her cheats to pat all the world's fluffies. All you have to do is adore them to the fullest!!

A fast-paced girl's otherworldly adventure story, comicalized! ☆

Artist's Twitter: https://twitter.com/iida_101
Web Novel (Raw): https://ncode.syosetu.com/n5694fk/

12 Chapter(s)
Neko Majin C

He did it! He took the first step toward confessing!

Chapter 127 - Kubo-san Doesn't Leave Me Be (a Mob) · 2022-10-06T01:12:00Z

Seon Awhy

Ai at 16 years when pregnant, and her partner at 15 years, well, both of them in puppy love, maybe.

Chapter 96 - Oshi no Ko · 2022-10-06T01:11:47Z

LeLouch VI Britannia

feels bad for my guy, he risked his life tryna act cool in front of the girl just to get beat up up just for the guy who beat him up to fuck the girl

Chapter 32 - Reaper of the Drifting Moon · 2022-10-06T01:11:11Z

Harry Siestanto

Is there any amphibious boat in his catalogue? That could come in handy for traveling hehe.

Chapter 22: Bergamo’s Port Town and First Negotiation - Mezase Gouka Kyakusen!! · 2022-10-06T01:10:01Z

Casey Brown

Bet the damage beside to his face is internal and probably can't cultivate anymore.

Chapter 32 - Reaper of the Drifting Moon · 2022-10-06T01:09:30Z

ka adi

Yoo, the oneshot got some real good stuff now XD

Turns Out My Dick Was a Cute Girl · 2022-10-06T01:06:47Z

idk anymore

omg finally it's here!!! this is sooo good guys very mind boggling... just don't think when you read this. let it explain for itself HAHAHAHA that's just how good the plot twists are

PIGPEN · 2022-10-06T01:06:11Z

Hentai Protag

The man lost his kingdom, his people, his wife, and his only companion is his daughter that has no memories of him. I dont think depressed can even describe that man.

Chapter 1: The Night of the Spirit Festival - re CERVIN · 2022-10-06T00:58:01Z


God damn it! Just let the camera guy have Gaeul man!

Chapter 149: I can't do this. - How to Fight · 2022-10-06T00:55:37Z


I thought his master was that dude who eats ppl or something.

Chapter 134 - Ranker Who Lives A Second Time · 2022-10-06T00:54:49Z

Kamaboko Gonpachiro

so that's his future being brutally killed by denji..then power will become somethin' like that too..bruh 😔

Chapter 79 - Chainsaw Man · 2022-10-06T00:52:05Z