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    bro really pulled out a knife like a bitch. should cut off some of his fingers to remind him knives are not toys.

    Chapter 13 - There's No Way a Side Character Like Me Could Be Popular, Right? · 2023-02-02T07:09:53Z


    As much as that dudes an ass i feel like this is a pretty decent depiction of a lonely desperate and jealous person while doing things that they think are for their loved ones sake while not caring who they hurt or leave behind in the process. IE divorced, and now saying this to natsuo

    Domestic na Kanojo - Chapter 78 : Wavering Determination - MangaKatana · 2023-02-02T07:09:39Z


    its a josei story so ofc the mc is sexy. but it might also have been you being downbad.

    Chapter 90: That girl’s damn wild -- Filling in a blank cheque - Cheating Men Must Die · 2023-02-02T07:04:42Z


    Prolly she try to help and misunderstood as perpetrator again

    Chapter 35 - Pure Villain · 2023-02-02T07:04:05Z