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    I didn't say anything about a bad empire.

    But by definition, a empire means that EVERYTHING is controlled by one person with zero accountability.

    The emperor wants to use the golem to crush a peasant uprising caused by excessive taxes leading to starvation? The emperor can do that!

    The emperor wants to take the golem on a joy ride and rampage across the land causing death and destruction, what are you going to do, it's the fucking representative of god or whatever BS a emperor gives to justify them being above everyone else.

    Frieren wants to hand control of a device that most people can't even scratch, to a person like that?!? Even if this emperor is a kind person who cares about the people or at least doesn't grossly abuse their power. What about that emperors children, and children's children etc. Or the warlord who uses a coup to overthrow them or whatever power struggle BS

    Chapter 105: Golem - Sousou no Frieren · 2022-12-07T02:23:53Z

    Erin Tesden

    Death is probably still alive in hell.

    Chapter 113 - Chainsaw Man · 2022-12-07T02:23:14Z


    I think your looking for a thing called a airplane flights

    Chapter 113 - Mercenary Enrollment · 2022-12-07T02:20:57Z


    Reminds me of the berserk king-daughter obsession

    Chapter 63 - Duke Pendragon · 2022-12-07T02:20:02Z


    MG, SMG, Semiauto Rifle, Anti material rifle......
    i would be surprised if Author shows a MG42/MG3

    Chapter 21 - Craft Game no Nouryoku de Isekai Kouryaku!! · 2022-12-07T02:18:43Z


    yeah... he's gonna create a machine gun isn't he?

    Chapter 21 - Craft Game no Nouryoku de Isekai Kouryaku!! · 2022-12-07T02:17:42Z


    The only one who can defeat Frieren

    Chapter 105: Golem - Sousou no Frieren · 2022-12-07T02:17:32Z


    Just say tomodachi or tomo for shit than saying friendo

    Chapter 60 - Reality Quest · 2022-12-07T02:17:11Z


    Pretty sure it's not him, cuz his dad works in a milk company

    Chapter 59 - Reality Quest · 2022-12-07T02:11:55Z