My Noble Family Is Headed for Ruin, so I May as Well Study Magic in My Free Time


A man who was enjoying an evening drink got transferred to the body of Liam, the fifth son of a nobleman from another world.

"I spent easy days practicing the magic I had longed for, and learned not only attribute magic, but also how to summon spirits, obtain powerful familiars, and ended up mastering even the most difficult magic!"

He became an adventurer aiming for independence from his parents' house, which was scheduled to fall, and before he knew it, he became a higher-ranking aristocrat rather than one of the best magicians in the world.

8 Chapter(s)
[Monarch of Rising Storms]

man manupulates ppl into war by making a group fight another grp randomly

tell me that is not wicked af

Chapter 48 - Reaper of the Drifting Moon · 2023-02-02T08:07:32Z


I remember the anime adapting this scene very differently.

Gakuen Alice - Chapter 11 : Plans - MangaKatana · 2023-02-02T08:05:27Z


Omg professional bag fumbler she just like me fr

Chapter 107 - Oshi no Ko · 2023-02-02T08:04:32Z

Dave Ferrer

He about to wipe out kid's entire family tree

Chapter 71 - Manager Kim · 2023-02-02T08:02:23Z

Rosso Forte

The dude who escorted MC will be in for a surprise when he reaches for his sword.

Chapter 20 - Murim RPG Simulation · 2023-02-02T08:02:01Z

Grandmaster U. Yi

Soon we will have a story called Common Sense Online... that would be funny...

Only Sense Online - MangaKatana · 2023-02-02T08:01:24Z

Black Hole

yes but not more fked up, hes obv an ln reader

Chapter 20 - The Demon Prince goes to the Academy · 2023-02-02T08:00:40Z


All of that basically just to say she's still unsure and doesn't know what love is

He's not asking you to marry him just date him a bit and dump him if it doesn't work out like adults

Chapter 268: The Girlfriend and the Birthday II (Part 5) - Kanojo, Okarishimasu · 2023-02-02T07:59:50Z


Yun is soo Damn waifu material that i dont care anymore Yun is a dude

Chapter 87: Security Quests and Socials - Only Sense Online · 2023-02-02T07:56:06Z

Proxy Account

DJ Cthu just about to bring the house down...along with all their souls.

Chapter 73: Blessings of the Gods - Gyaru and Cthulhu · 2023-02-02T07:53:15Z


So far this first chapter had me reading with a smile on my face.
That's a good sign.

Chapter 1 - I Won't Fall For You Until My Manuscript Is Finished · 2023-02-02T07:50:48Z