Mahoujin Guru Guru

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    咕噜咕噜魔法阵 ; 咕嚕咕嚕魔法陣 ; 魔法陣グルグル ; 魔法陣天使 ; Knights of Kodai ; Magical Circle Guru Guru ; Mahōjin Guru Guru
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    Chapter 29
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After having been sealed for 300 years, the demon lord Giri reawakens and sends off his monster minions to wreak havoc in the world. King Uruga XIII decides thus to place announcements everywhere in the kingdom in search of a legendary hero who can defeat Giri. In the king's castle will be held a competition to discover who the true hero is. Forced by his hero-wannabe parents to go to the castle, Nike first visits the witch's house, where the magic-learning Kukuri joins him. Together they travel around the world defeating monsters, gaining new abilities and trying to uncover the mysteries surrounding the Migu Migu tribe.

34 Chapter(s)
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