Gundam X: Under The Moonlight

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    機動新世紀ガンダムX ~アンダー・ザ・ムーンライト~ ; 機動新世紀ガンダムX ~UNDER THE MOONLIGHT~ ; Gundam X: Under The Moonlight
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    Chapter 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
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During a contest to win rights to salvage and perform shows in the Sea of Lorelei, Rick Aller rescues Rosa the Second (Rosa II) when her mercenary crew turn on her. With her mobile suit damage, and his own small mobile armor damaged as well, they hide inside a sunken submarine that has been resting on the ocean floor since the 7th Space War. While investigating the ship they discover a black GX-9900 Gundam X and decide to use the mobile suit to escape in. But when they open the cockpit they discover the pilot of the mobile suit is still inside of it and in a state of suspended animation. Awakening him they make their escape from the ship and defeat the mercenaries that turned on Rosa II.

Introducing himself as Kai, the pilot of the black Gundam X displays unusual abilities that lead the crew of the Vulture ship to speculate that he is a Newtype. Mirage Weiss, the captain of the Vulture ship Mirage, decides to take Kai to a Newtype Lab after Kai starts to suffer a mental break down. When they arrive to find the Newtype Lab destroyed, Kai leaves the ship and uncovers the powerful Gundam Belphagor, and battles Rick as he pilots the black Gundam X. Rick is rescued by Rosa II when she arrives in her GS-9900 G-Falcon, and together they flee as Kai destroys the Mirage with a single shot from the Gundam Belphagor's weapons. Joining up with a quirky female mechanic named Mana, a survivor of the destruction of Fort Severn by Carris Nautilus in the anime, they repaint and repair the Gundam X. Together they start a pursuit of Kai, who has now joined a mysterious organization that have rebuilt D.O.M.E., the true purpose of why and what the group intends are unknown.

22 Chapter(s)

Truck kun vs Ultra Instinct Ami.

Truck-kun denied. Thank you for the trauma, you useless machine

Chapter 75: Christmas Preparations - Goddess Café Terrace · 2022-09-24T16:26:06Z

Holy Loli

just fuck off you creepy piece of shit

Chapter 25 - Milady Just Wants to Relax · 2022-09-24T16:25:57Z


Hello, will there be any updates on this manga? Currently around 733/734

Kingdom - MangaKatana · 2022-09-24T16:24:14Z


wow she's a lot to handle, i'd have no idea what to think if i were oohara. they're both so bad at communication especially the female lead

Chapter 39 - Are You Really Getting Married? · 2022-09-24T16:19:47Z

Takayuki Furuichi

Nice and short, just how I like it.
Not too long and it gets uncomfortable after losing the power driving it, but nice decision by author to end in one shot.

Chapter 11.5: Epilogue - No cats were harmed in this comic. · 2022-09-24T16:19:45Z

Giovanni Jaco

Sorry, but could someone help me find a manhwa webtoon? All I remember is that the MC used to be friends with his bully and even went to the same gym together but they grew apart over something and the friend now hates the MC. Theere was also one chapter where the MC's friend or sister? Im not sure had a birthday party and he was invited and some other dudes were trying to be sneaky and take nudes of some of the girls but MC stopped them and was made the villain instead and left the party. So... If anyone could help me find this webtoon manhwa? Please and thank you so much.

To Not Die · 2022-09-24T16:18:44Z