Ghost Diary


Sukami Kyouichi was born into an exorcist family, and his older sister is an expert exorcist. She's been putting together a notebook where she has written how to handle all of the different monsters she's met in her work. One day, Kyouichi and his friends in the Occult Club at school go to investigate a supposedly cursed shrine, and he ends up needing to be rescued by his sister. Shortly afterward, she goes missing, presumed by many to be dead, and leaves her little brother with only the notebook.

Kyouichi stays in the Occult club, and as he grows up, he remains dedicated to the search for his beloved older sister. One day, his search starts to finally make some progress, when a shinigami who claims she was his sister's friend appears...

16 Chapter(s)

Incest so you keep the bloodline going. Never give up.

Chapter 22 - Damn Reincarnation · 2022-10-01T23:20:54Z


I'm scared of the fetishes the author might include in the future ngl

Chapter 34.2: Camo Curtain 2 Part 2 - Shiboritoranaide, Onna Shounin-san · 2022-10-01T23:19:02Z

Caleb Hill ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

My thoughts exactly. Though it could be an impossible goal so it doesn't matter.

Chapter 463 - Apotheosis · 2022-10-01T23:17:11Z

Casual Reader

If I didn't know better, I'd think he developed a crush on MC .

Chapter 41: Shall We... Eat Oden Together? - Meshinuma · 2022-10-01T23:17:04Z


Bet the demon king was a woman wasn't it? It's always like that 💀💀💀

Chapter 21 - Damn Reincarnation · 2022-10-01T23:15:10Z

Avaritia Avarice

I did but only the more or less kaiju battle with Pain.
I mean it's kaiju battle. Who would miss that.

Chapter 10 - Memoir Of The King Of War · 2022-10-01T23:13:30Z

Rhetorical Save

Isn't this title just a pledge to be gay?

No More Love With the Girls · 2022-10-01T23:07:19Z


Would be funny if someone with an disqus account called red flag came and said hi

Chapter 27 - The Breaker: Eternal Force · 2022-10-01T23:05:35Z

The Seeker of Dreams

Not gonna lie, kind of turned off by how violent this bitch is. Does she not know how to express herself with words? She’s like a damn gorilla.

Chapter 3 - Married to My Enemy After 10 Years · 2022-10-01T23:04:44Z