Auto Hunting With My Clones


Sangwoo, a college student, decided to join an awakening program on an ordinary day.

A system that enables even an average person to learn skills. The government has proceeded with this awakening program since a few years ago. Thus most of the population took the program and is awakened now.

Sangwoo also participates in the program just like the others and gets cloning skill.

The people around him think that the clone is just an illusion, but Sangwoo realises that the clone is real and decides to become a hunter.
As Sangwoo was living well, using his skill, Jumper George Lucas appeared in front of him.
After seeing the cloning skill of Sangwoo, he saw its potential and thus started to get interested in Sangwoo.
When Sangwoo noticed what Lucas was thinking, he felt it to be a part of a big plan and couldn’t help but be nervous.

Eventually, as Sangwoo was living as a hunter, he discovered Lucas’ plan and the dark secret behind it…

20 Chapter(s)

Well, she can't really argue... She's been peeping into his life for over 20 Years and she's mad that he's thinking about her age? Stupid old hag.

Chapter 5 - Hiroki, Too, Gets Summoned Into Another World · 2022-11-28T08:37:35Z


He gains the support of the empress faction so he can break from the Lombardi's an can crush them under his heal because he's a narcisistic power hungry asshole, who doesn't care if he's crushing his wife's family, and is using her family's wealth to create his own stable platform to advance on top of their crushed corpse.

Hiswife divorces him to help break away from him, but because he's already created a stable foothold with the empress faction, it doesn't effect him, and she goes down with the Lombardi's.

This is all in the previous timeline - This time around, our Queen is going to absolutely wreck ALL THE PLANS like she's been doing since Day Dot. https://media2.giphy.com/me...

Chapter 82: Something on My Mind - I'll Be the Matriarch in This Life · 2022-11-28T08:35:15Z

The Orlando Gray

My brain can't keep up. So the twins dad is betraying the Lombardis family by helping them obtain this mine. Because of the betrayal, his wife left him in the previous timeline. And it's the reason they're arguing now. I forgot why he hates the Lombardis though. And I don't know what he gains by doing this either. Can someone else fill in, please? https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Chapter 82: Something on My Mind - I'll Be the Matriarch in This Life · 2022-11-28T08:31:13Z

Dat Folk

writing things on the internet is far easier than going to therapist or talk to one. if you had been to one which i have, it makes me felt vulnerable. so never been to one there after.

Chapter 20 - Auto Hunting With My Clones · 2022-11-28T08:27:52Z

Kim Chi

The feels man.. the feels 😭

Chapter 75 - Blue Giant · 2022-11-28T08:24:41Z


Nah I need the name of the one on Ichika's side frfr

Chapter 344: Writhing Sacred Veins - Black Clover · 2022-11-28T08:24:19Z