Suki ja Nai

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    好きじゃない ; Beyond Love ; Happy ; I Don't Love You ; Kiss No Jouken ; Koi No Mukou ; Surprise Attack ; The Terms of a Kiss ; Touched by Love
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A collection of 6 stories.

[STORY 01]
Suki Ja Nai (I Don't Love You)
"If you always say 'I love you,' you'll find happiness." Thanks to grandmother's good luck charm, Rio is a very happy and bright high school girl, well-liked by everyone because she tells everyone that she loves them. ...Except for a boy in her class named Kaito. For some reason, he's different from everyone else. He makes Rio nervous and gets her heart pounding, and she can't communicate an "I love you" to him. Just what's going on!?

[STORY 02]
Koi No Mukou (Beyond Love)
Stories 2 and 6 are continuations of the first story.

[STORY 03]
Kiss No Jouken (The Terms of a Kiss)

[STORY 04]
Touched by Love

[STORY 05]
Surprise Attack

[STORY 06]

6 Chapter(s)