With One Day Left I'll Break All the Destruction Flags: "Serves You Right!" RTA 24 Hour Record

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    残り一日で破滅フラグ全部へし折ります: ざまぁRTA記録24Hr. ; Nokori Ichinichi de Hametsu Flag Zenbu Heshiorimasu: Zamaa RTA Kiroku 24Hr.
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    Chapter 6
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Alexandra is the duchess of the Kingdom of Tarraconensis. It was only the day before the absolution event that she realized that she was the villainous daughter of an otome game! It's clear that she'll be denounced and her engagement will be broken tomorrow.
But I don't want to be condemned honestly! I'd rather show my eyes to the people who despised me! With only 24 hours left, Alexandra begins to make a breakthrough in her desperate situation.

6 Chapter(s)

The mc :I have a dream

Chapter 51 - Slave B · 2023-02-07T02:10:32Z


man at least understand her first, beathing her husband almost to dead is a no go...also close to her having a child too

Chapter 99: Like a Fairy Tale - Regarding That We Decided to Live in the Countryside With The Female Knight Who Came to Us · 2023-02-07T02:10:16Z


Indeed the mc is super cute so cute the word cute can’t even describe him

Chapter 33 - My Superstar Uncle · 2023-02-07T02:09:46Z


Shit...I wanted MC to become his disciple.

Chapter 129 - Murim Login · 2023-02-07T02:08:22Z


I think I was talking about the erasing memories bit but I don’t even remember the manga anymore🤷

Chapter 5 - Level 1 kara Hajimaru Shoukan Musou · 2023-02-07T02:07:32Z

Chun ∞ω∞

Reincarnation of the Murim Clan's Former Ranker

Chapter 142 - Murim Login · 2023-02-07T02:06:12Z

Dito Destoni

My screenshot function would make a note from which web page I took it. Sadly I'm currently using a new browser and that function doesn't work anymore. 🙃 I hope I remember the more obscure ones or can find them. Probably should add some notes inside the screen shots for convenience sake

Chapter 40 S1 End - Helmut: The Forsaken Child · 2023-02-07T02:05:28Z

NPC #35273

See, it’s 75+, which is a great temp, the issue is that that’s almost as low as it goes. Then it’s straight back up to 90+ until November. I just want to enjoy a cold winter for once

Chapter 41 - Transcension Academy · 2023-02-07T02:00:03Z