Umehara - To live is to game


The decade is the '90s, and fighting games are taking Japan by storm. Against the backdrop of this fighting game frenzy, gamers gather day and night at the arcades to test their mettle. And amidst the fervor, one boy meets his destiny...An exciting young adult comic about the youth of Japan's first professional gamer, Daigo Umehara, is about to unfold!

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So he needs to find lizards to make a modern gun? Then a viper? Sounds like sniper. No puns intended

Chapter 91 - Arcane Sniper · 2023-01-28T22:30:28Z

Dan Kuroto

Glory? More like corny fucktard guild. The audacity of that hypocrite bastard

Chapter 27 - Poison-Eating Healer · 2023-01-28T22:28:22Z


Am I the only one stoked to hear Murakan has a sister? Can't wait to meet her.
...Hope she thicc.

Chapter 57 - Swordmaster’s Youngest Son · 2023-01-28T22:26:37Z

Ammar Afifi

I've been waiting for this chapter for too long<3

Chapter 18: Twinkling Star Panic - Part 2 - Girigiri Out · 2023-01-28T22:26:28Z

Mogus man

You can see that the author and/or mangaka have a child of their own

The Reborn Little Girl Won't Give Up · 2023-01-28T22:24:24Z


It's definitely such a common trope in these novels that it seems to be more than a coincidence.
Now that we've seen the evil monk, when are we going to be introduced to the evil Japanese character?

Chapter 36 - Worthless Regression · 2023-01-28T22:21:26Z

anime freak

dream is that that twisted reality that is to good to be true?

Chapter 130 - Medical Return · 2023-01-28T22:20:21Z

Nahidl Diyan Ilahiy

Seegggs? Yes
Loli? Yes
Art? Gud
Story? Cringe
Light read, 7/10

Joshi Shougakusei no Oujo-sama · 2023-01-28T22:19:54Z


Oh, no, it's before I found webnovel. Seems like they actually have standards.
No, this was a lot of consonants (.xx / .vq or equivalent etc etc) and probably a dodgy site.
Needless to say, I learned my lesson.

Chapter 248 - Library of Heaven's Path · 2023-01-28T22:18:14Z