There's No Way a Side Character Like Me Could Be Popular, Right?

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    Yuujin Kyara no Ore ga Motemakuru Wakenai daro? ; 友人キャラの俺がモテまくるわけないだろ?
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    Chapter 8
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“I just love you sooooooo much, Senpai!”

My name is Tomoki Yuuki, a second-year high school student. I’d say I’m a fairly normal student, save for the fact that everyone avoids me like the plague because I apparently look like I’m out for blood. Ike Haruma is the only one who doesn’t steer clear of me. He’s your typical ‘perfect guy’ in every sense; the protagonist with no real flaws that you see in any given story.

Life at school was continuing on as usual… until one day, Haruma’s super popular little sister confesses to me out of the blue?! Though she later clarifies that her feelings toward me are anything but romantic and that she has an ulterior motive, I end up accepting my new role as ‘fake boyfriend’ as a favor to Haruma.

Believe it or not, the moment I start going out with her, Haruma’s idol-tier childhood friend and my super hot teacher get involved with me too!

Wait a minute. This can’t be a dream rom-com scenario setting itself up for me, can it?! I mean, there’s no way a side character like me could be popular, right?

8 Chapter(s)

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Chapter 104 [END] - The Antagonist's Pet · 2021-10-19T02:21:38Z

Goodest Christian Boi

Basilik was just minding their own business and then they got rekt
Human are fucking pest, dude

Chapter 17.1: Basilisk - Nito's Lazy Foreign World Syndrome · 2021-10-19T02:20:42Z

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WHY..... you can just let masamune kill that bald.......

Chapter 17.2 - Nito's Lazy Foreign World Syndrome · 2021-10-19T02:19:33Z

Trein Hertneat

Most them all think they already mature enough to care them self but get play by other who most close to Heroine-Princess.

Chapter 23 - Reborn as a Barrier Master · 2021-10-19T02:17:34Z


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Please be better than the isekaid spacship pilot

Unparalleled Path ~ Reincarnated as the AI for a Space Battleship ~ · 2021-10-19T02:15:31Z