The Reincarnated Adventurer with the Cursed Seals


The great sage, Grameos, tired of his current life as a famous mage, decided to reincarnate as a young boy 200 years in the future. Before reincarnating, he places two magic restraint seals on his hands, so that he can hide his enormous magical power after he is reborn. His motto for the next life is "Hide my powers, don't stand out, and be free".

14 Chapter(s)

Should've tickled his nuts, that usually does the trick

Chapter 195 - Kengan Omega · 2023-02-03T05:54:35Z


Man joined a lobby of people playing win 7 chess and whipped out 5d chess with alternate universes and time travel

Chapter 249: Welcome to the team, Elders! - Magic Emperor · 2023-02-03T05:52:08Z

Nahidl Diyan Ilahiy

Nooo.... Nill... Listen to your heart... Edgeman wont care if you are a monster or not...

Chapter 77 - 1000 Yen Hero · 2023-02-03T05:51:28Z


Have they stated yet what actually happened to break this woman?

Chapter 21 - When I Returned to My Hometown, My Childhood Friend was Broken · 2023-02-03T05:48:01Z


You know starting up an eatery/canteen is much more difficult than office work. I've tried that once already, it did last for like 7 years and it's just me and 2 of my relatives running everything around with a few part-timers. It was doing so well until COVID put our business to shambles since the two of them already migrating out of this country. Quite a shame, I really enjoy cooking for my customers and we are so busy all the time. The good feedback from the students and regulars is priceless tbh.

Chapter 39: One man theatrical play - Minpou Kaisei - Nihon wa Ipputasaisei ni Natta · 2023-02-03T05:45:48Z


It's getting more interesting and I have so many questions like: can the numbered weapon user interact with the weapon's monster as #4 seems to have during Shinomiya's sparring with the other dude? Why does #8 have a previous user even though it 'merged' with Kafka? Does that mean that #8 can be separated from the user if it has a previous holder? If Kafka has or will be seeing the previous' ghost, how far is he compared to Kafka now?

Man, this manga is simply goated. I hope we'll get to see some sort of jinchuriki-tailed-beast type of relationship between the user and the weapon

Chapter 79 - Kaiju No. 8 · 2023-02-03T05:37:28Z

Bajaj Bajuri

Did he forgot that ertha can read his mind? Lul

Chapter 8 - Everyone Else Is a Returnee · 2023-02-03T05:34:45Z