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    did they really give a slavery god-like skill to a jerk really? death needs is a thing for claude now

    Chapter 22 - Living In This World With Cut & Paste · 2022-08-17T07:23:46Z

    Abdul Mugheeth

    This has the same vibe as ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN CJ

    Chapter 265: Stand By Me - Tokyo Manji Revengers · 2022-08-17T07:21:59Z


    If god is alive, Could he kindly die - Me

    I Became the Hero's Mom · 2022-08-17T07:19:03Z

    Kucing 🙀

    The novel is 100% worth it. Have you read the Eminence in Shadow? It's like that comedy-wise

    Chapter 13.1 - I'm the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire! · 2022-08-17T07:18:32Z


    nothing "cheap" about this arc

    Chapter 101 - Chainsaw Man · 2022-08-17T07:16:42Z


    I thought getting stuck countless years at that sand world made him OP
    His training arc still not finished yet

    Chapter 143 - Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World · 2022-08-17T07:13:47Z


    Hey3, don't insult Naruto
    Only it endless fillers are shit
    U should insult Boruto

    Chapter 143 - Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World · 2022-08-17T07:11:27Z



    Chapter 55: S2 START - Villain to Kill · 2022-08-17T07:10:28Z