The Mirror's Stranger


What do you do when presented with another version of you?

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Just a random weeb

True² but let's just ignore the bad characters and just enjoy the chill ride

Saijaku teima wa gomi hiroi no tabi o hajimemashita . · 2022-09-27T12:24:45Z

Fuck your Feelings

I will forgive your stupidity since your brain is most likely rotting from all the garbage you've seen and read (which is probably also the reason why you have such a narrowminded view on things and why u have such garbage takes) Lmao. I usually don't give a fuck about someone's opinion. But your an exception, your dumbass managed to catch my attention. Your opinions ain't unpopular since the readers are almost equally divided when it comes to opinion about the show. You just stand out... Your stupid brain dead reasoning and your heaven piercing confidence is too fucking annoying to ignore. You're like a rat trying to bark at a cat. All you do is blabber shit with no substance.

Chapter 9 - Knight Under Heart · 2022-09-27T12:24:14Z


i read in another spoiler that he gets beaten up senseless while trying to ask the MC if he's a regressor or not but MC just ignores him and keeps beating him to a pulp

Chapter 71 - Seoul Station Druid · 2022-09-27T12:23:59Z

Just me

When I said on a site I don't mean this one lol. It's nhentai(dot)net(slash)g(slash) then type the number. Just in case, you do know that you would need to replace the words inside the parentheses with actual symbols right?

The First Ancestor in History · 2022-09-27T12:18:20Z