The Forsaken Saintess and Her Foodie Roadtrip in Another World

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    Suterare Seijo no Isekai Gohantabi ; Suterare Seijo no Isekai Gohantabi: Kakure Sukiru de Camping Car wo Shoukan Shimashita ; 捨てられ聖女の異世界ごはん旅 ; 捨てられ聖女の異世界ごはん旅 隠れスキルでキャンピングカーを召喚しました
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    Chapter 6.2
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Rin Takanashi, a caregiver in her thirties, was unceremoniously discarded as "trash" despite being summoned as a saint.

However, as a lover of the great outdoors and all things camping, she was blessed with a special skill, [Survival], as well as another unique skill! Thus, a riveting tale begins: one of sweat, tears, and insatiable hunger as Rin, together with companions she picked up along the way, leisurely explores this parallel world and savours gourmet cuisine to her heart's content...

Or so the story should have gone, but it looks like their road is going in an unexpected direction...?

Alt. Raw: https://comic-walker.com/contents/detail/KDCW_EB03201860010000_68/

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Kaim the Fang Enjoyer

This is no longer teasing, it's just gaeh

Chapter 10 - Hino-san no Baka · 2022-05-27T19:43:10Z


idk if he has forsight but i can pee on fire and make it disappear

Chapter 32 - Rescue System · 2022-05-27T19:42:34Z

Admiral kanhoji angre

Thot slayer - goomoonryong

Season 3 is sh*t compared to this magnificent art. Instead of looking human, season 3 have mathematical shapes as characters

The Breaker - Chapter 54 : 54 - MangaKatana · 2022-05-27T19:41:41Z


People should fr just start lifting weights to get buff as fuck

Then start stomping all them pk’ers

Chapter 30: Episode 30 - Hellbound · 2022-05-27T19:41:23Z

Sang N

Okay now making him swallow the forget a year stone*.*

Chapter 27 - My Daughter is the Final Boss · 2022-05-27T19:38:05Z

Jet Kon

The way hori be drawing his girls is bliss

Chapter 354: Here!! - Boku no Hero Academia · 2022-05-27T19:37:25Z

Asce Nox

My last name lol, also a town here in Texas🙂

Chapter 47 - Spirit Farmer · 2022-05-27T19:35:15Z


This ride is wild, from a romance to terror action.

Chapter 5: Star Point - To a New You · 2022-05-27T19:34:08Z


Oh no! Tomoe in winter suit! 😖 Kirara-chan is giving off Anya vibes here though. 😆 I just noticed that Kota-kun acts and almost has the same eyes as Kotarou and I think Kota-kun is Himemiko and Kotarou's child. Theoretically I think it didn't work out for the both of them and the custody of taking care a human child went to Kotarou and Kota grew up to know that her mom's a human and not a youkai. Finally finished! I'm gonna miss you Kamisama Hajimemashita~!🤧😭🤍🌷

Chapter 149.6 - Kamisama Hajimemashita · 2022-05-27T19:33:10Z